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what are the basics to Islam?
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What is the most sacred book for Muslims?Qur'anWhat is the Qur'an?a collection of the revelations Muhammad received directly from GodWhat does the Qur'an contain?God's infallible words uncorrupted by human interventionWhat is the Qur'an divided into?144 surahsWho are biblical prophets mentioned in the Qur'an?- Adam - Noah - Moses - Aaron - Jacob and sons - JesusWhat is the Sunnah?the second authentic source of authority for MuslimsWhat does the Sunnah contain?Muhammad's as well as what he approved and prohibited and his way of lifeWhat is the Hadith?bio and stories of MuhammadWhat is Muslim's central belief?Belief in one GodWhat is the Shahada's message?"There is no god but God, Muhammad is the Messenger of God"What are the Five Pillars?1. Shadah (witnessing) there is no god, but god 2. Salah (prayer) five times daily 3. Zakah (almsgiving) charity for the needy 4. Sawn (fasting) during Ramadan 5. Hajj (pilgrimage) to MeccaWhat are the core tenents of Islam?1. Muhammad is the messenger of God 2. God is the judge of all and determines who will spend eternity in heaven or hell 3. God is the creator and sustainer of the universe 4. divine providence 5. free will is an integral part of being human 6. God gives life and take life away 7. God is very involved as a guide in human affairs 8. God is all: loving, powerful, knowing, merciful, and presentWhat are the sacred times?1. prayer 5 times daily 2. Ashura (recalls Exodus from Egypt) 3. Eid al Fitr (festival of breaking fast) 4. Eid al-Adha (festival of the sacrifice) 5. Juma (sacred time Friday after noon)what year is it on the Islamic calendar?1437what are the sacred spaces and places?- mosque - mecca - medina - Jerusalem - Karbalasimilarities between Christianity and Islam- worship of one god - anticipation of Day of Judgement - centrality of family life - social concernsdifferences between Christianity and Islam- Muslims do not believe in Holy Trinity - Muslims do not acknowledge Jesus' divinity - Muslims do not believe Jesus suffered a human deathCountries which recognize Islam as their official religion- Afghanistan - Egypt - Iran - Maldives - Pakistan - Saudi Arabia - Somaliland - United Arab EmiratesT/F: Islam is the second fasting growing religion in the worldTrueT/F: Muhammad had a divine natureFalseT/F: Islam promotes violenceFalseT/F: There are 99 names for AllahTrueT/F: Allah did not come to be worshiped in Arabia until Muhammad discovered IslamFalseT/F: Abraham is the father of the Arab peopleFalseT/F: Ishmael is the father of the Arab peopleTrueT/F: Muslims believe all time is Allah's, therefore all time is sacredTrueT/F: the Five Pillars demonstrate Islam's emphasis on correct beliefTrueT/F: Ramadan occurs at the same time every yearFalseT/F: It is believed that Abraham built the Kab'ahFalseT/F: washing of the body is part of Muslim prayer ritualTrueT/F: the Qur'an is never to be translatedTrueT/F: Hallal is to Muslims as kosher is to JewsTrueT/F: Islam means peaceFalseWhat does Islam meansurrenderT/F: Muslims regard science as being in conflict with their faithFalseWho appeared to Muhammad in a dream on night of power and excellence?GabrielWhat are the monotheistic religions?Christianity, Judaism, IslamThe message given to Muhammad in the Qur'an references ....a new messageWhat are Islam's sacred scriptures?Qur'an, Sunnah, and HadithAll Muslims required to pray how many times a day?5What is Jum'ah?the second prayer time made in a mosqueMuslims meansone who submitsfasting during Ramadan helps Muslims...focus attention on moral and religious concerns and thus develop spiritual fortitude, gain insight into the situations of less fortunate people, and become more aware of their own moralityWhat portion of possessions must Muslims contribute of their excess?2.5%Islam holds the body ultimately belongs toGodIslamic dietary regulations restricteating pork and alcoholic drinksWhich areas of world have greatest concentration of Muslims?all of the Middle East and southwestern Asia, South Asia and the northern half of Africa, and the islands of Malaysia and Indonesiathe leader of the Friday worship service who also delivers a sermonimamthe first pillar of Islam; the tradition's central creedal statementShahadahwhat does Qur'an mean"recitation"What does jihad mean"exertion" or "struggle"what is hajjthe pilgrimage to Mecca that all Muslims are to make at least once in their lifetime, if they can afford it an are physically ablewhat are caliphsthe military and political leaders of the Muslim community who succeeded Muhammad after his deathwhat is the holy site for Muslims where Muhammad took his journeyJerusalemSecond holiest city to MuslimsMedinaSacred place to Shia MuslimsIraqHoliest city for MuslimsMeccawhat is ihram physically?the clothing men and women wearwhat is ihram spiritually?refraining from anger, sex and groomingwhat is the qur'an and compare its role in Islam with Jesus' role in Christianitythe Qur'an is the most sacred book for Muslims. It is a collection of the revelations Muhammad received directly from God.