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Conjugaison de Souffrir

I suffer
je souffre
you suffer
tu souffres
he suffers
il souffre
we suffer
nous souffrons
you guys suffers
vous souffrez
they suffer
ils souffrent
I suffered
j'ai souffert
you suffered
tu as souffert
he suffered
il a souffert
we suffered
nous avons souffert
you guys suffered
vous avez souffert
they suffered
ils ont souffert
I was suffering
I souffrais
you were suffering
tu souffrais
he was suffering
il souffrait
we were suffering
nous souffrions
you guys were suffering
vous souffriez
they were suffering
ils souffraient
I had suffered
j'avais souffert
you had suffered
tu avais souffert
he had suffered
il avait souffert
we had suffered
nous avions souffert
you guys had suffered
vous aviez souffert
they had suffered
ils avaient souffert
I will suffer
je soufrirai
you will suffer
tu souffriras
he will suffer
il souffrira
we will suffer
nous souffrirons
you guys will suffer
vous souffrirez
they will suffer
ils souffriront
I will have suffered
j'aurai souffert
you will have suffered
tu auras souffert
he will have suffered
il aura souffert
we will have suffered
nous aurons souffert
you guys will have suffered
vous aurez souffert
they will have suffered
ils auront souffert
I would suffer
je souffrirais
you would suffer
tu souffrirais
he would suffer
il souffrirait
we would suffer
nous souffririons
you guys would suffer
vous souffririez
they would suffer
ils souffriraient
I would have suffered
j'aurais souffert
you would have suffered
tu aurais souffert
he would have suffered
il aurait souffert
we would have suffered
nous aurions souffert
you guys have suffered
vous auriez souffert
they have suffered
ils auraient souffert
I should suffer
je souffre
you should suffer
tu souffres
he should suffer
il souffre
we should suffer
nous souffrions
you guys should suffer
vous souffriez
they should suffer
ils souffraient
Suffer (you)
Suffer (we)
Suffer ( you guys)
I am going to suffer
je vais souffrir
you are going to suffer
tu vas souffrir
he is going to suffer
il va souffrir
we are going to suffer
nous allons souffrir
you guys are going to suffer
vous allez souffir
they are going to suffer
ils vont souffrir
I just suffered
je viens de souffrir
you just suffered
tu viens de souffrir
he just suffered
il vient de souffrir
we just suffered
nous venons de souffrir
you guys just suffered
vous venez de souffrir
they just suffered
ils viennent de souffrir