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76. Which of the following software programs is a full-featured word processing program that allows users to create professional-looking documents and revise them easily?

Word 2010

77.How do you access Word 2010 Help from the Word Window?

Click the Microsoft Office Word Help button in the upper right corner of the Word window

78. Which is the shortcut key for accessing Microsoft Office Word Help from the Word window?


79. Which area is used to view a portion of a document on the screen?

Document window

80. Which command is used to split a document into two panes so that different parts of the document can be viewed at the same time?


81. In the document window, which bar is used to navigate and display the various areas of a document?


82. Which bar presents information about a document, the progress of current tasks, and the status of certain commands and keys, and also provides controls for viewing the document?


83. To increase or decrease the size of the content in a Word 2010 window, which item on the status bar would you use?

Zoom slider

84. What is the control center located below the title bar at the top of the Word 2010 window called?


85. In the lower-right corner of the ribbon groups, what is the name of the small arrow that displays a dialog box or a task pane with additional options for the group?

Dialog Box Launcher

86. What does an ellipse (three small dots) after a drop-down menu item signify?

A dialog box will appear when the item is selected

87. Which of the following automatically appears based on tasks you perform, and contains commands related to changing the appearance of text in a document?

Mini Toolbar

88. By default, which of the following is located above the ribbon, at the left edge of the title bar, to provide convenient, one-click access to frequently used commands?

Quick Access Toolbar

89. What is the name of the list of frequently used commands that appears when you right-click an object?

Shortcut Menu

90. On the Title bar, which item enables a user to minimize, maximize, or close the Word 2010 window?

Window control buttons

91. Which command should you use to cancel a recent command or action?

Quick Access Toolbar, Undo button

92. How do users switch from one ribbon to another in Word 2010?

Click the tab of the ribbon they wish to access

93. When you hover your cursor over a command button in a ribbon, what is the name of the descriptive box that appears?

Tool Tip

94. On the Title bar, which button may be selected to display only tab names rather than entire ribbons in the Word 2010 window?

Minimize the Ribbon

95. Which of the following actions or commands cannot be cancelled in Word 2010?

Printing and saving a document

96. In the Print dialog box, which area provides a user with a list of available printers?

Printer Status button

97. In the Print dialog box, which area displays several print options and gives a preview of how the document will look after printing?

Print Gallery

98. What is the name assigned to a file when it is saved?

File name

99. What is the name of the view that provides data about documents and contains a set of commands to help a user manage documents?


100. Which command on the View Ribbon enables the document to be viewed as it would appear on a webpage?

Web Layout

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