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A representation of an object or process


The limit or border of an area or region


Something built by people


Drawing of an area, usually as though you were looking straight down at it. Shows features of the earth as seen from above.


Person who makes maps


Network of vertical and horizontal lines that form squares. Identifies position of features


A color, shape, or texture, used to represent something else on a map. Such as a building, road, or landform. Symbols are found in the key.


An explanation of symbols used on a map

Drainage Basin

A system of rivers and streams that drains an area like the Colorado Plateau


Wears away earth materials by water, wind, or ice

Land Form

A shape or feature of the earth surface like a delta or canyon.


A V-shaped valley eroded by a river or stream.


A fan shaped (triangular) deposit of earth materials at a mouth of a stream.


A large, nearly level area that has been lifted above the surrounded area.


The process by which earth materials settle out in another place.


Eroded earth materials that have been deposited


A low area in which sediments are often deposited


The course or path water takes in a stream or river


A curve or loop in a channel

More on Erosion

-Earth materials eroded by rivers are deposited as sediments
-Heavier earth materials like sand are deposited before lighter earth materials like clay
-Water in a river follows the lowest channel
-The Colorado river may have eroded the earth materials that make up the Colorado plateau

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