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Production Team
everyone involved in the production including both staff and student
Production personel that work behind the scenes and generally includes management and designers
Anyone seen by the camera, whether or not they have a speaking or any other significant role in the program, as well as individuals who provide only their vocal skills to the production.
Executive producer
the person, or people, who provides the funding necessary to produce the program
In a non news environment, the producer purchases materials and services in the creation of a finished program
the person who is in charge of the creative aspects of the program and interacts with the entire staff
Production Assistant
The person who provides general assistance around the studio or production facility. The PA is commonly hired to fill a variety of positions when key personnel are sick, out of town, working on another project, or otherwise unavailable
A signal that directs something specific to happen
The person who delivers the news from the news desk set in a studio
Audio Engineer
the person who is responsible for the audio/ sound quality on the production and related equipment.
the lighting director's assistant who often does the actual hauling of heavy instruments up and down ladders
Content Specialist
A person who works with the script writer and is considered to be an expert in the program's subject matter.
a person who moves the equipment, scenery, and props on a studio set
Production Values
The general aesthetics of the show.
Involves placing items in the camera's frame by operating the camera and tripod
production switching
the process of cutting between cameras
Charged Couple Device
a dime-sized component of the camera head into which light enters and is converted into an electronic signal.
the strength of a video or audio signal
Zebra Stripes
A special function of come viewfinders that displays black and white diagonal stripes on any object in a shot that is too brightly lit
an assembly of several glass discs placed in a tube attached to the front of the camera
optical center
The Physical Location Within the Lens assembly where an image is inverted also called focal point
focal length
the distance from the center of the lens to the focal point
variable focal length lens
A camera lens in which the optical center can vary its position within the lens assembly, varying the focal length measurement as well, also called a zoom lens.
a component of a lens that is compromised by blades that physically expand and contract and adjusting the aperture size
the opening adjusted by the iris and through which light passes the lens
a camera setting that determines the amount of light passing through the aperture of the lens by controlling the size of the iris
a circuit on a video camera that regulates how long the ccd is exposed to light coming through the lens
subjective camera
A hand-held camera technique, in which the camera itself becomes the eye of one cast member. The viewers see the world through the eyes of that character.
the state of a video camera when the image captured by the camera is being recorded
pan handle
a device attached to the back of the tripod head that allows the camera operator to move the tripod head while standing behind the tripod.
a type of camera mount that allows the camera to be raised high over the set and swung in any direction
white balance
A function on cameras that forces the camera to see an object as white, without regard to the type of light hitting it or the actual color of the object
a lens setting that allows the operator to focus on an object that is very close to the camera, almost touching the lens
minimum object distance
the closest the object can be to the camera and still be in focus
dept of field
the distance between the closet point to the camera that is in focus and the furthest point
rack focus
the process of changing focus on a camera while that camera is hot and is also called pull focus
rule of thirds
a composition rule that divides the screen into thirds horizontally and vertically, like a tic-tac toe grid placed over the picture on a television set. Almost all of the important information included in every shot is located at one of the four intersections of the horizontal and vertical lines
head room
the space from the top of a person's head to the top of the television screen
establishing shot
a specific type of extreme long shot used to tell the audience where and when the program takes place
reaction shot
a shot that captures one person's face reacting to what another person is saying or doing
over the shoulder shot
a shot in which the back of one person's head and shoulder are in the foreground of the shot while a face shot of the other person in the conversation is in the backround
physically moving the camera and its tripod and dolly perpendicularly toward or away from the set
moving the camera in a curved truck around the main object in the shot and the main subject never leaves the frame of the picture
low angle shot
a shot created by placing the camera anywhere from slightly to greatly below the eye level of the talent and pointing it upward
high angle shot
shooting talent with the camera high in the air, pointing down at an angle
nat sound
natural sound, such as band music, recorded for broadcast
room tone
the sound present in a room, or at a location before human occupation.
dynamic mic
A very rugged, virtually indestructible type of mic that has good sound reproduction ability.
pick up pattern
a term that describes how well a mic hears sounds from various directions.
omni directional mic
a mic with a pick-up pattern that captures sound from nearly every direction equally well.
cardioid mic
a mic with a pick-up pattern that captures sound from primarily one direction.
shotgun mic
a directional mic with an extremely narrow pick up pattern
a pole that is held over the set with a microphone attached to the end of the pole.
mic level
the level of audio that comes from a microphone
vu meter
the level of audio that comes from a microphone
bnc connector
A type of connector commonly used in television production. the female and male versions lock together securely with a simple 1/4 turn.
XLR connector
a connector for the microphones that usually has 3-pins, but can have 4-pins, 5-pins, and other pin configurations. The male and female ends lock together with a hook.
USB connector
a durable digital connector for video, audio, and power. the electrical contacts are enclosed in a mental housing and buffered by a plastic plate
HDMI connector
this connector is designed to carry high definition video and audio, as well as power. HDMI stands for high definition multimedia interface
an entire program comitted to paper.
a film or TV program presenting the facts about a person or event
a program format comprised of feature packages
public service announcement
program that is 30 or 60 seconds in length and aims to inform the public or to convince the public to do something in the interest of common good
a mental image that is similar to a visual perception
program proposal
Written document that outlines the process message and the major aspects of a television presentation.
a paste-up made by sticking together pieces of paper or photographs to form an artistic image
aspect radio
the relationship of an object's height to its width
Frames Per Second
essential area
the area of an image or shot that must be seen on any television set, regardless of aspect ratio or age, and must include all the words in a graphic
contrast ratio
the relationship between the brightest object and the darkest object in the television picture
hard light
A type of illumination used in the studio that creates sharp, distinct, and very dark shadows