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  1. organic compounds with a carbonyl group (CO, double bonded) attached to a carbon at the end of a carbon chain
  2. adding H to an unsaturated molecule (changes liquid oil to solid fat)
  3. the alcohol found in alcoholic beverages - produced naturally from fermentation process in plants
  4. hydrocarbons with an oxygen atom double bonded to the carbon atom, as well as a hydroxyl (OH) group
  5. organic compounds with carboxylic acid groups that have the H in the hydroxyl replaced by an alkyl group
  6. an atom or group of atoms that always reacts in a certain way

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  1. acetic acid(CH3COOH) a carboxylic acid known as vinegar


  2. ketonesorganic compounds with a carbonyl group (CO, double bonded) between 2 carbon chains


  3. PVApolyvinyl alcohol - used in latex paint, adhesives, textile coatings


  4. aminesorganic compounds with an amino group bonded to a carbonyl group (--CONH2)


  5. ethanolthe alcohol in liquor (fermentation)


  6. halogenated compoundscompounds with a Halogen attached in place of the hydrogen in a hydrocarbon to form a functional group