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  1. adding H to an unsaturated molecule (changes liquid oil to solid fat)
  2. polyvinyl alcohol - used in latex paint, adhesives, textile coatings
  3. hydrocarbons with an oxygen atom double bonded to the carbon atom, as well as a hydroxyl (OH) group
  4. an organic compound with 2 hydrocarbon groups bonded to the same O atom
  5. (CH3COOH) a carboxylic acid known as vinegar
  6. simplest ketone - nail polish remover

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  1. estersorganic compounds with carboxylic acid groups that have the H in the hydroxyl replaced by an alkyl group


  2. PVCpolyvinylchloride (vinyl) can be manufacture soft or hard as sheets or molded into objects


  3. functional groupbreaking down larger hydrocarbons into smaller ones through the use of chemical reactions


  4. alcoholsimplest ketone - nail polish remover


  5. halogenated compoundscompounds with a Halogen attached in place of the hydrogen in a hydrocarbon to form a functional group


  6. ketonesorganic compounds with a carbonyl group (CO, double bonded) between 2 carbon chains