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packet switching
occurs when the sending computer divides a message into a number of efficiently sized units called packets, each of which contains the address of the destination computer.
P2P network
any network without a central file server and in which all computers in the network have access to the public files located on all other workstations
client/server network
a model for applications in which the bulk of the back-end processing, such as performing a physical search of a database, takes place on a server, while the front-end processing, which involves communicating with the users, is handled by the clients
a physical and data lyre technology for LAN networking
internet service provider
a company that provides individuals and other companies access to the internet along with additional related services, such as web site building
local area network
computer network that uses cables or radio signals to link two or more computers within a geographically limited area, generally one building or a group of buildings
a communications, data exchange and resource-sharing system created by linking two or more computers and establishing standards, or protocols, so that they can work together