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implicit memories

The skills needed for riding a bicycle are stored as _______-

encoding, storage, and retrieval

Computers and people both handle info using the process of _____________

context-dependent memory

Studying for a test in the same room in which it will be held may result in better grade because of _________


Slurred speech, blurred vision, and impaired judgement are the results of __________

take care of themselves

Mildly retarded adults are often able to _______


What therapy method relies on such as medication, electric shock, and surgery

explicit norms

Traffic rules and school dress codes are examples of

cognitive evaluation

People evaluate evidence and form beliefs and attitudes on the basis of their evaluations called ___________

reach their full potential

The primary goal of humanistic therapy is to help individuals

risky shift

Prison riots and mob attacks are related to the phenomenon known as _________

blocking amount of dopamine in brain

Antipsychotic medications are effective for ____________


NUMBER 12; just but 'number 12' as the answer. Edit this one if you know it.

The question: Prototypes make concepts easier to understand by allowing us to _________

schizoid personality disorder

People who are loners and cannot become attached to other people are likely to have ___________


Many of our badis biological functions, such as breathing, exist at the ___________

sensory memory

The first stage of memory is __________

Random firing of neurons

According to the biopsychological approach, dreaming occurs because of the __________

a traumatic event

Dissociative amnesia is caused by __________

memory loss

Some people who have taken LSD suffer long-term side effects that include __________


The types of drugs that lower the heart and respiration rate are used for

foot-in-the-door phenomenon

Soldiers who have learned to obey minor orders obey more important commands because of ____________

patterns of inflexible traits

People with personality disorders suffer disruptions in their social life or work because of ___________


Put 'number 22' as answer. If known, please edit this question

Question: Person-centered therapy is practiced widely by


Marijuana is an example of a ______


The easiest of the 3 basic memory tasks is __________

bystander effect

Not sure if this answer is right. Please edit if wrong.

Question: Research has shown that whether a person will help others in a particular situation is based on _________

control voluntary responses

Operant conditioning helps a person _________

delusions about superior abilities

A person in the manic phase may have


Answer 'number 28'. Don't know answer. If know, please edit and fill in

Question: The beginning of true language in babies occurs when they start __________

painful and unpleasant memories

According to Sigmund Freud, repression is a reaction to _____________

counter conditioning

Systematic desensitization and modeling are techniques used in _____________

biological parents

Most adoptee studies show that the IQs of adopted children are more like those of their _______________

act altruistically

People with a strong need for approval are more likely to _________

seven items

The average person can hold in short-term memory a list of _____

belong to a particular cultural group

People that have attitudes that have been shaped by the traditional physical environment are said to be _________

brain wave patterns

sleep researchers define out sleep stages in terms of _________


What is a very effective method of persuasion


Do not know if answer is correct. Please edit if not. (Question 37)

Question: Psychoanalysis may be most helpful for people experiencing


Do not know if answer is correct. Please edit if not. (Question 38)

Question: A morpheme generally consists of ________


Answer 'number 39'. If you know answer, please edit question and enter it.

Question: People who suffer from major depression are treated with _____________


Do not know if answer is correct. Please edit if not. (Question 40)

Question: What type of thinking is most closely related to language?

somatoform disorder

Hypochondrias is a type of ________

brain wave patterns don't change

Some psychologists dispute that hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness because of ___________


Many people with panic disorder also have _______

troubling emotions of behavior

Cognitive therapy is especially helpful in treating _________


What is considered a major aspect of social cognition


Most people are influenced by self-serving bias, except for people with _________

bodily movements

A person with catatonic schizophreniais most affected in __________


prolonged use of antipsychotic drugs can lead to _______


Answer 'number 49'. If you know answer, please edit question and enter it.

Question: What is another name for antipsychotic drugs?

cognitive dissonance

People often change attitudes to match their behavior are suffering from _________

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