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the future


a building

un bâtiment

to weigh


a glance

un coup d'oeil

to dig


narrow, tight


an oak

une chêne

a roof

un toit



a king

un roi


le vertige

a journal, magazine

une revue



a lock of hair

une mèche de cheveux

in order to

en vue de





a palace

un palais


de l'or

a pipe

un tuyau

to soak


to be in good health

se porter bièn


la mort

to connect



vif (ve)

packed in


Translate: He had the children sing

il a fait chanter les enfants

Translate:The dress that she had made is yellow

la robe qu'elle a fait faire est jaune.

True or false? Roger is from Paris


Translate: I am sad that I have not seen it. (la statue)

Je suis triste de ne pas l'avoir vue.

Translate:I regret to have been wrong. (having been wrong)

Je regrette de m'être trompé(e)

Translate: This is the actress that I adore

Voila l'actrice que j'adore.

The building in which I live is tall.

L'immeuble ou (or dans lequel) j'habite est grand.

The boss for which I work is nice.

le patron pour qui je travaille est gentil

Here is the teacher of whom I have often spoken.

Voilà le prof dont je t'ai parlé souvent.

Here is the girl's to whose house we went.

Voilà la fille chez qui nous sommes allés.

When he will have eaten she can do her homework.

Quand il aura mangé elle pourra faire les devoirs.

The boys will have gone...

les garcons seront allés

As soon he has finished, we will leave

Dès qu'il aura fini, nous partirons.

While talking, he smiled

En parlant, il souriait (Il a souri)

Having talked, he was happy.

Ayant parlé, il était content

Having left, he was saved.

Etant parti, il a été sauvé.

do the assessments p 394 ex 1, 4 and 5 p404 ex 1, 5 and 6, p 424 ex 1,2, 5,6 and7

la fin!

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