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1st Name for the sacrament

Confession- you acknowledge what you have done and tell the priest

2nd Name for the sacrament

Penance- turning away from sin

3rd Name for the sacrament

Reconciliation- you repair your relationship with God

What is sin?

separates us from God

Que es absolution?

Prayer by priest that forgives your sins by the authority of Christ

Que es contrition?

Sorrow for sins

What are the four qualities of true contrition and what do they mean?

Universal- sorry for all, not holding one back
Supreme- Hate sin above all things
Interior- sorry is not fake, it is inside
Supernatural- comes from God, sorry for God, not just what will happen on Earth

Why does God call us to go to confession to get our sins forgiven?

1. Jesus said so
2. Helps us take responsibility
3. Priest represents God and Church
4. Clear conscience
5. Cooperate with God

5 Effects of a good confession

1. Restoration of sanctifying grace
2. Forgiveness of sins

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