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Chapter 24 Test

Urine is stored in the

Urinary Bladder until it can be eliminated

The function of the villi in the small intestine is

to increase the surface area for nutrient absorption

The small intestine

is longer than the long intestine

The liver stores

extra nutrients absorbed by the body

The pancreas

makes digestive enzymes and hormones that regulate sugar levels

Blood leaves the kidneys through


The Stomach produces

acid that kills most of the bacteria swallowed with food

The Molars

are the best kind of human teeth to grind food

A Diuretic

makes the body expel water

When the kidneys have cleansed blood,

it goes through a vein back to the rest of the body

The esophagus

moves food from the throat to the stomach

The stomach

uses chemical and mechanical digestion to break down food

Urinary system disorders include:

bacterial infections, kidney stones kidney disease


is the process that breaks down food so it can be used by the body

The place where digestion begins is

in the mouth


is microscopic filter that removes urea from the blood

A fluid that cools your body when it evaporates is



is the process that removes waste products from the blood

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