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What is foreign policy?

How individual governments talk to and act toward other countries.

What are 4 goals of USA foreign policy?

1. Protect American citizens
2. Peace in the world
3. Support democracy in the world
4. Provide humanitarian aid

What are types of humanitarian assistance?

Disaster relief- tsumanis, earthquakes
Global environment
Health issues- help AIDS victims
Hunger- American Red Cross sends food, Haiti food drives

Who decides America's foreign policy?

Big Guy- Mr. President

What 4 groups of experts does the President use to help him decide foreign policy?

The State Department
The National Security Council
CIA- Central Intelligence Agency
Department of Defense

What does Congress do in deciding foreign policy?

Declares War
Approves Treaties
Ratify appointments
Approve Funds to pay for wars, aid

What are treaties?

Agreements between governments

Who influences foreign policy?

Domestic groups- labor unions, farmers
Public Opinion
Mass Media- TV, YouTube, Magazines, Newspapers
Foreign Countries
Foreign Companies
Think Tanks

Why do special interests influence foreign policy?

To protect their own interests and beliefs. Farmers want to protect their ability to sell their products.

How does the government express foreign policy?

Foreign Aid

What is diplomacy?

When presidents and other heads of countries talk directly or through others to solve their problems.

What are alliances?

When two or more countries join together to influence another country's actions.

What is foreign aid?

America sends LOTS of money to other countires to help them.

What is Intelligence?

Spies let American government know what is going on in other countries.

What was first type of foreign policy?

When Ben Franklin went to France to ask for their support.

What 3 factors shaped American foreign policy?

Washington's Farewell Address
Monroe Doctrine
Fear of Foreigners

How did George Washington's Farewell Address shape foreign policy?

He warned to avoid involvement in Europe's political and military issues that didn't directly affect America?

What is Isolationism?

Belief that America should stay out of other countries business unless it directly affects America.

What is The Monroe Doctrine?

When President James Monroe warned Europe to stay out of business of Central or South America

What years did the Cold War take place?


What were the Major Conflicts during the Cold War?

The Berlin Blockade
The Korean War
The Vietnam War
The Cuban Missile Crisis
The Soviet-Afghan War

What did America do during the Korean War?

Prevented North Korea from making all of Korea into one Communist Country.

What years did Korean War happen?


What was the Vietnam War about?

Stopping the spread of Communism.

Who invaded who in the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam.

Why did North Vietnam invade South Vietnam?

To spread communism

What did America do in the Vietnam War?

Gave millions of dollars and thousands of troops to help South Vietnam.

Who won the Vietnam War?

North Vietnam

What years did the Vietnam War happen?


What was the Cold War all about?

Democratic countries tried to keep freedom and prevent communism from spreading through the world.

What was the Cuban Missile Crisis?

American spy planes took photos showing nuclear missile bases in Cuba pointing at Florida

Who was the President during Cuban Missile Crisis?

John F. Kennedy JFK

What year was the Cuban Missile Crisis ?


Whaat was The Soviet-Afghan War about?

Russia invaded Afghan to spread Communism.

Who did America help during Soviet-Afghan War?

America helped Afghanistan .

How did America help Afghanistan ?

America gave Afghanistan billions of dollars to fight against Russia.

Who won the Soviet-Afghan War?


What years was The Soviet-Afghan War?


How did The Soviet-Afghan War help end the Cold War?

Russia became bankrupt and so communism fell. This ended The Cold War

What were the two major countries behind the Cold War?

America and Soviet Union.
America defended democracy and Soviet Union tried to spread Communism.

What happened during the Berlin Blockade?

Russia stopped all routes in and out of West Berlin.

Why did Russia start the Berlin Blockade?

To starve West Berlin.

What countries sent food and supplies to West Berlin?

America and England

How did West Berlin get food and supplies?

By airlift.

Why did Russia want to starve West Berlin?

They were democratic and under influence of America, England, and France

When did the Berlin Blockade start?

June 12,1948

How long did the Berlin Blockade last?

15 months

How many tons of food did America deliver?

1,783,574 tons

How many total tons of food was airlifted to West Berlin?

2,326,406 tons

How many total flights went to West Berlin?

278,228 flights

How many miles did the C-47 and C-54 fly?

92 million miles- the same distance as the earth is from the sun

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