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  1. cytoplasm
  2. cystol
  3. electron microscope
  4. transport vesicles
  5. golgi apparatus
  1. a a semi fluid, jellylike substance
  2. b focuses a beam of electrons through the specimen or onto its surface.
  3. c vesicles in transit from one part of the cell to another
  4. d proteins are modified stored and sent out
  5. e the interior of a prokaryote cell

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  1. a complex of proteins and DNA
  2. develops by the coalescence of smaller vacuoles themselves derived from the GA and ER.
  3. proteins that have carbohydrates covalently bonded to them
  4. region that is not membrane enclosed
  5. pump excess water out of the cell, thereby maintaining a suitable concentration of ions and molecules inside the cell

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  1. prokaryotic cellthe DNA is concentrated in the nucleoid


  2. transmission electron microscopean electron beam scans the surface of the sample. The beam excites electrons on the surface and these secondary electrons are detected. The result is the image


  3. light microscopefocuses a beam of electrons through the specimen or onto its surface.


  4. eukaryotic cellof the DNA is in an organelle called the nucleus which is bounded by a double membrane


  5. scanning electron microscopeused to study the internal ultra structure of cells.