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  1. light microscope
  2. food vacuoles
  3. phagocytosis
  4. cytoplasm
  5. nucleoid
  1. a visible light is passed through the specimen and then through glass lenses
  2. b eat by engulfing smaller organisms or other food particles
  3. c membrane-bounded vesicles formed by phagocytosis
  4. d region that is not membrane enclosed
  5. e the interior of a prokaryote cell

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  1. proteins are modified stored and sent out
  2. a prominent structure within the nondividing nucleus which appears through the electron microscope as a mass of densely stained granules of fibers adjoining part of the chromatin.
  3. develops by the coalescence of smaller vacuoles themselves derived from the GA and ER.
  4. sacs made of membrane
  5. a complex of proteins and DNA

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  1. ribosomesstructures that carry the genetic information


  2. electron microscopevisible light is passed through the specimen and then through glass lenses


  3. plasma membrane- the boundary of every cell. Functions as the selective barrier that allows sufficient passage of oxygen, nutrients, and wastes to service the entire cell


  4. transport vesiclesvesicles in transit from one part of the cell to another


  5. glycoproteinsproteins that have carbohydrates covalently bonded to them