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Forensics Final Semester 2

The presence or absence of how many antigens determines and individual's blood type in the
A-B-O system?
Antigen for Blood Type A?
Antigen A
Antigen for blood type b?
antigen b
Antigen for blood type for blood type O
No antigen
Antigen for blood type for blood ab
antigen ab
where are antibodies found?
red blood cells
What species can a precipitin be used for?
used for any species. (human/dog/rat/etc.)
*Phosphate (found in Semen)
*Only present in the vaginal cavity for 24 hrs.
*Acid Phosphate decreases with time
If one sees a stain a good test to use would be which?
What bodily fluid would now definitely find in acid phosphate?
You would find Semen
The presence of what enzyme tells you that a stain is seminal?
acid phosphate
What is the fluid portion of unclothed blood?
What is the liquid that separates from the blood when a clot is formed?
What transports oxygen from the lungs to the body tissues?
what chemical substances are on the surface of red blood cells that impart blood type characteristics to the cells?
What term describes antigen-antibody reactions?
What immunological assay technique is used to detect the presence of minute quantities of drugs in blood and urine?
What test can tell id blood is characterized as being human in origin?
What is the basic unity of heredity?
what structure is called where genes are positioned on that looks like a thread like body?
Who determines the sex of the offspring?
what are a pair of allele genes that are identical called?
What is an observable characteristics of an individual called?
What color test is used to locate and characterize seminal stains?
acid phosphate
What is it that unequivocally identifies the microscopic appliance of semen?
What is it called when makes have a low sperm count?
What protein is unique to seminal plasma?
The fingerprint classification used in most english speaking counties was devised by whom?
Who was will west?
a man who had a virtual double & had a similar name
Under which circumstances have 2 people been found to have identical fingerprints?
Under no circumstance
How many ridge characteristics are there on average in a complete fingerprint?
about 150
what is the commonly encountered ridge characteristic (Used by AFIS)?
What is the minim number of ridge characteristics necessary before 2 fingerprints can be identified as the same?
no min. exists based on experience and knowledge of an expert
when are fingerprints formed?
during detail development
Why are friction skin ridges useful useful?
Grip & resist slippage
When are the pores of the swear glands located?
skin ridges
What type of prints are not readily visible?
What must one permanently do to alter on a fingerprint and produce scars to damage it?
dermal popille
Who arrested to destroy their fingerprints with corrosive acids?
john dillinger
What is the most common ridge pattern?
what has more deltas, an arch or a loop?
in the primary classifications system what finger is assigned a numerical value?
What percentage of the population falls in to the 1/1 primary classification category?
Is it more important to know the value of ridge patterns in determining the uniqueness of a fingerprint or the type and position of ridge characteristics in determine the uniqueness of a fingerprint?
Type and position
What is AFIS?
computerized system for storing and retrieving fingerprint records.
What year did the FBI's AFIS become fully operational?
What do you know about livescan images of fingerprints? (3)
-eliminated need for ink prints on paper cards.
-Sent to AFIS datavass electronically
-Captured when a subjects fingers and palms are okayed onto a glass plate.
What is an example of a plastic print?
Impression on a bar of soap
How can an investigator detect latent fingerprints without the use of chemicals or powder?
Using ruvis
Give an example of porous materials (3)
-Cloth paper
In which fingerprinting technique does sublimation occur?
iodine fuming
What is detected from a latent print using ninhydrin?
Protine material
What is a component of Physical developer>
silver nitrade
What is the order of chemical treatment techniques you would do to visualize latent prints? (3)
1. Iodine Fuming
3. Physical developer
Super Glue fuming is good to use on what type of materials? (4)
-Plastic bags
-Floor Tile
Which of the fingerprinting techniques produces a white-appearing latent print>
super-glue fuming
What substance can you substitute for ninhydrin if you need to?
What is most often used in conjunction with chemically induced fluorescence to visualize latent prints?
high intensity light sources
If you were trying to visualize latent prints? on leather and rough plastic what type of brush or brushes would be best to use?
Fiberglass brush or Camel hair brush
What would an investigator do next after successfully visualizing a latent print on an object?
take a 1 to 1 photo of the print
Fingerprint patterns which contains two or more patterns or a pattern not covered by other categories.
Systems which are designed to place fingerprints into computers so as to allow the comp. to categorize, compare a set of fingerprints.
Fingerprint patterns which do not have type lines, deltas, or cores.
The approximate center of a finger print patterns
The ridge point nearest a type line divergence
a reproduction of friction skin ridges on the palm side of the fingerprints and thumb
Latent Prints
Fingerprints that are invisible to the eye
Fingerprints which must have one or more ridges entering one side of the print, recurving and exiting the same side.
Plastic Print
ridge impressions left on soft material such as putty, wax, soap or dust
radial loop
a loop which opens toward the thumb
Type lines
the pattern area of a fingerprint surrounded by two diverging lines
Ulnar loop
a loop which opens towards the little finger
fingerprint part terns which must have type lines and a minimum of two deltas
3 fundamental principles of fingerprints (3)
-A fingerprint is an individual characteristic; no two fingerprint posses identical ridge characteristics
-A fingerprint will remain unchanged during an individual's lifetime.
-Fingerprints have general ridge patterns that permit them to be systematically classified
Explain how and why fingerprints are found on objects which have been touched?
Sweat and oil is constantly , secreted on to the surface of finger ridges. When skin comes in contact with a surface, these fluids are left behind the shape of a print.
put powder of the print, blow excess powder off and then place tape over the print, remove tape and place on a white card. (used often on nonporous surfaces such as glass, plastic, or metal.
ninhydrin spray
-spray the area with the spray and then wait 24 hrs.
-ninhydrin reacts with amino acids and yields a purple substance.
-used on porous substances
Iodine spray
-place paper with suspected print in a container which iodine crystals- iodine
-fumes are absorbed by sweat and oil left behind and will give and orange-brown outline.
-used on nonporous surface
Reacting with Silver Nitrate and exposing to ultra-violet light
-the surface of suspected print is sprayed with silver nitrate solution and then you will get a blackish-brown print.
-It reacts with the salt in sweat when exposed with UV light
-used with porous substances