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  1. A rhyme in which the stress is on the final syllable of the words. EX: sublime...CRIME....MIME
  2. Feels like it should rhyme EX: Gain and Again
  3. Two or more consonants are repeated, but the adjacent vowels differ EX: The friend frowned...He was killed by the cold
  4. A rhyme in which the stress is on the second from last syllable EX: Picky, Thicky, Sticky

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  1. EuphonyThe quality of being pleasing to the ear, especially through a harmonious combination of words EX: We welcome the season of morning mists, of peaceful summer evenings.


  2. Near RhymeRhyme that occurs within a single line (as opposed to traditional "end rhyme") EX: The one with the gun on the is not to be trusted


  3. Internal Rhymesounds like it rhymes when you say it but it doesnt