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Public Health Exam 1

Terms in this set (111)

Autonomy; Respect for Persons, Right to Self-Determination
Beneficence (to benefit)
Nonmaleficence (at minimum, knowingly do no harm)
Justice (fairness; equity)
Multiple material principles of justice using different criteria on which to base what is considered as "fair"

1Public health should address principally the fundamental causes of disease and requirements for health, aiming to prevent adverse health outcomes.
2 Public health should achieve community health in a way that respects the rights of individuals in the community.
3 Public health policies, programs, and priorities should be developed and evaluated through processes that ensure an opportunity for input from community members.
4 Public health should advocate and work for the empowerment of disenfranchised community members, aiming to ensure that the the basic resources and conditions necessary for health are accessible to all.
5 Public health should seek the information needed to implement effective policies and programs that protect and promote health.
6 Public health institutions should provide communities with the information they have that is needed for decisions on policies and programs and should obtain the community's consent for their implementation.
7 Public health institutions should act in a timely manner on the information they have within the resources and the mandate given to them by the public.
8 Public health programs and policies should incorporate a variety of approaches that anticipate and respect diverse values, beliefs, and cultures in the community.
9 Public health programs and policies should be implemented in a manner that most enhances the physical and social environment.
10 Public health institutions should protect the confidentiality of information that can bring harm to an individual or community if made public. Exceptions must be justified on the basis of of the high likelihood of significant harm to the individual or others.
11 Public health institutions should ensure the professional competence of their employees.
12 Public health institutions and their employees should engage in collaborations and affiliations in ways that build the public's trust and the institution's effectiveness.