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pertaining to adjacent or accessory parts


small elongated erectile body situated above the urinary meatus at the superior point of the labia minora


sexual union between male and a femal AKA intercourse


thin yellow milky fluid secreted by the mammary glands a few days before and after delivery


the opening of the cervix through the process of labor

dilatation and curettage

the widening of the cervix and scraping of the endometrial wall of the uterus


an alteration of cell growth causeing differences in size, shape, and appearance


the thining of the cervix during labor

endocervical curettage

the scraping of the cells from the wall of the uterus


the curved top portion of the uterus

fundal height

can be used as a measurement of fetal growth and estimated gestation

human chorionic gonadotropin

a hormone secreted by the placenta, it is found in the urine of pregnant females


without apparent know cause


swelling caused by the accumulation of lymph fluid in soft tissue

mons pubis

the fat pad that covers the symphysis pubis


pertaining to women who have had two or more pregnancies


a herniation of a portion of the spinal cord and its meninges that protrudes through a congenital opening in the vertebral column

neural tube defect

any of a group of congenital abnormalies involving the brain spinal column that are casued by failure of the neural tube to close during embryonic development

nonstress test

fetal monitoring used in combination with maternal reports of fetal movement to evaluate fetal heart rate response


act or process of giving birth to a child


an xray procedure to guide the insertion of a needle ino a specific area of the breast


substance that result in severe fetal deformites


the external female genitalia which begins at mons pubis and terminates at the anus

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