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Tenable (adj)

Strongly defensed against criticism , or stable (job)

Termagant (n)

Strict woman

Throng (n)

Crowd of people

Timorous (adj)


Tortuous (adj)

Convoluted, long and complicated

Sure-footed (adj)

Unlikely to fall, unlikely to fail

Turpitude (n)

Despicable malfeasance

Tussle (v)

Vie, fight, compete

Tyro (n)

Novice, greenhorn, amateur

Umbrage (n)

To take (this word) mean to take offence

Underwrite (v)

To accept responsibility for something, sponsor it, buy shares

Unkempt (adj)


Unsavory (adj)

Immoral, unpleasant, deplorable

Unwieldy (adj)

Cumbersome, hard to move, not in control

Urbane (adj)

Social, tactful, relaxed and confident

Usurp (v)

To take over power

Vacillate (v)

To keep changing your opinions in annoying way

Venial (adj)

Minor, petty, not serious (sin)

Vertigo (n)

Vertiginous feeling

Vestige (n)

small remnant left of something

Vicissitude (n)

Ups and downs of life

Vigil (n)

Time when you wake up to care for sb

Virile (adj)

Strong, masculine, energetic

Vitiate (v)

To mar, or to ameliorate the effect

Vituperation (n)

Angry criticism

Vogue (n)

A fad, a temporary trend

Volition (n)

Your free will to make decision

Wheedle (v)

To coax, persuade

Whet (v)

To increase your desire, appetite

Wince (v)

Twitch your face to show feeling

Wistful (adj)

Sad, poignant

Lovelorn (adj)


Wrest (v)

To take control

Yen (n)

A strong desire

Cabal (n)

A small political renegade group

Denigrate (v)

To disparage, to belittle

Denouement (n)

The conclusive end of a book, play

Dolorous (adj)

Forlorn, morose

Emanate (v)

To show, express (power, confidence)

Extenuating (adj)

Showing that a crimes should be dealt more leniently

Impregnable (adj)


Knell (n)

Indication of the demise of something

Macabre (adj)

Ghostly scary, paranormal

Pathological (adj)

Not reasonable, insensible
Related to illness

Rapacious (adj)


Reverie (n)

State of daydreaming

Risible (adj)

Ludicrous, ridiculous, deridable

Specious (adj)

Misleading although seeming right

Suffrage (n)

The right to vote

Thespian (n)

An actor

Verbatim (adj)

Exact to every word

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