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  1. 売り出す
  2. 踏み切る
  3. 締め切る
  4. 売り込む
  5. 促す
  1. a しめきる
    set the deadline date, set the cut off date, (shut, tighten) stop accepting (application), close (the door)
  2. b うながす
    urge, encourage, promote
  3. c うりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)
  4. d ふみきる
    (have the boldness) to embark (on something), take (a plunge), decide
  5. e うりだす
    offer for sale, promote

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  1. うけいれる
  2. あいつぐ(つぐ)
    follow one after another
  3. しはらう
  4. とう
    question, inquire
  5. ひびく
    influence, affect, echo

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  1. 見込むみこむ
    forecast, expect


  2. 設けるしらべる
    check, investigate


  3. 割り込むうりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)


  4. 残るわる
    break, fall below (a certain level)


  5. 申し込むおちこむ
    drop, fall sharply, plunge