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  1. 申し込む
  2. 支払う
  3. 動き出す
  4. 割る
  5. 促す
  1. a うごきだす
    begin (moving), get under way
  2. b わる
    break, fall below (a certain level)
  3. c もうしこむ
    apply for (something)
  4. d うながす
    urge, encourage, promote
  5. e しはらう

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  1. むすぶ
    tie, join, conclude (an agreement)
  2. うちだす
  3. もうしいれる
    request, propose, offer
  4. うりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)
  5. ひびく
    influence, affect, echo

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  1. 割り込むうりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)


  2. 見込むみこむ
    forecast, expect


  3. 借り入れるうけいれる


  4. 貸し出すかしだす
    make a loan, lend out


  5. 問うとう
    question, inquire


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