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  1. 乗り出す
  2. 動き出す
  3. 設ける
  4. 借り入れる
  5. 響く
  1. a のりだす
    begin, set about, embark on
  2. b かりいれる
    borrow (for oneself)
  3. c もうける
  4. d ひびく
    influence, affect, echo
  5. e うごきだす
    begin (moving), get under way

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  1. うけいれる
  2. しはらう
  3. うちだす
  4. あいつぐ(つぐ)
    follow one after another
  5. わる
    break, fall below (a certain level)

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  1. 申し入れるもうしいれる
    request, propose, offer


  2. 見込むみこむ
    forecast, expect


  3. 締め切るしめきる
    set the deadline date, set the cut off date, (shut, tighten) stop accepting (application), close (the door)


  4. 申し込むもりこむ


  5. 踏み切るふみきる
    (have the boldness) to embark (on something), take (a plunge), decide