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  1. 相次ぐ(次ぐ)
  2. 促す
  3. 打ち出す
  4. 結ぶ
  5. 売り込む
  1. a うながす
    urge, encourage, promote
  2. b むすぶ
    tie, join, conclude (an agreement)
  3. c うちだす
  4. d あいつぐ(つぐ)
    follow one after another
  5. e うりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)

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  1. もうしいれる
    request, propose, offer
  2. うりだす
    offer for sale, promote
  3. おちこむ
    drop, fall sharply, plunge
  4. かしだす
    make a loan, lend out
  5. うちきる
    bring to an end, discontinue (doing something)

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  1. 盛り込むもりこむ


  2. 残るわる
    break, fall below (a certain level)


  3. 設けるもうける


  4. 締め切るしめきる
    set the deadline date, set the cut off date, (shut, tighten) stop accepting (application), close (the door)


  5. 受け入れるもうしいれる
    request, propose, offer