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  1. 売り込む
  2. 設ける
  3. 割り込む
  4. 盛り込む
  5. 借り入れる
  1. a うりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)
  2. b もりこむ
  3. c かりいれる
    borrow (for oneself)
  4. d わりこむ
    fall below, break into (a line, etc.), squeeze into
  5. e もうける

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  1. うごきだす
    begin (moving), get under way
  2. のこる
  3. うちだす
  4. うちきる
    bring to an end, discontinue (doing something)
  5. みこむ
    forecast, expect

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  1. 問うとう
    question, inquire


  2. 相次ぐ(次ぐ)あいつぐ(つぐ)
    follow one after another


  3. 結ぶむすぶ
    tie, join, conclude (an agreement)


  4. 申し入れるもうしいれる
    request, propose, offer


  5. 締め切るふみきる
    (have the boldness) to embark (on something), take (a plunge), decide