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  1. 申し込む
  2. 売り込む
  3. 支払う
  4. 調べる
  5. 盛り込む
  1. a もうしこむ
    apply for (something)
  2. b しらべる
    check, investigate
  3. c しはらう
  4. d うりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)
  5. e もりこむ

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  1. おちこむ
    drop, fall sharply, plunge
  2. のりだす
    begin, set about, embark on
  3. うながす
    urge, encourage, promote
  4. うりだす
    offer for sale, promote
  5. わりこむ
    fall below, break into (a line, etc.), squeeze into

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  1. 借り入れるかりいれる
    borrow (for oneself)


  2. 受け入れるかりいれる
    borrow (for oneself)


  3. 打ち出すうちきる
    bring to an end, discontinue (doing something)


  4. 貸し出すうちだす


  5. 打ち切るふみきる
    (have the boldness) to embark (on something), take (a plunge), decide