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  1. 受け入れる
  2. 支払う
  3. 相次ぐ(次ぐ)
  4. 売り込む
  5. 問う
  1. a しはらう
  2. b うけいれる
  3. c とう
    question, inquire
  4. d あいつぐ(つぐ)
    follow one after another
  5. e うりこむ
    sell, find a market (for one's products)

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  1. もうしいれる
    request, propose, offer
  2. しめきる
    set the deadline date, set the cut off date, (shut, tighten) stop accepting (application), close (the door)
  3. もりこむ
  4. かりいれる
    borrow (for oneself)
  5. みこむ
    forecast, expect

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  1. 乗り出すうりだす
    offer for sale, promote


  2. 打ち出すかしだす
    make a loan, lend out


  3. 落ち込むおちこむ
    drop, fall sharply, plunge


  4. 貸し出すうごきだす
    begin (moving), get under way


  5. 調べるしらべる
    check, investigate


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