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to change the speed or direction


gives energy to an object; a push or pull


the force of attraction that exists between all objects in the universe


force that opposes the motion of an object


mass times gravity
m x g


distance divided by time
d / t

Law of conservation of mass

mass remains constant over time

a car traveling at a high rate of speed slows down. This is an example of:


we are held to the Earth by the force of:


the opposing force between a car's wheels and the road is:


a child pulling a wagon is an example of a:


an airplane travels 215 miles in 20 minutes. How many miles per minute does it travel?

215 / 20 = 10.75 miles per minute


unit of measurement for weight

a person has a mass of 68 kg. What is his weight on Earth? *Gravity on Earth is 9.8 m/s2

68 x 9.8 = 666.4 Newtons

a car travels 85 miles in 1.25 hours. how many miles per hour does it travel?

85 / 1.25 = 68 miles per hour

a person has a mass of 50 kg. What is her weight on Jupiter? *Gravity on Jupiter is 2.5 times greater than on Earth.

9.8 x 2.5 = 24.5 (gravity on Jupiter)

50 x 24.5 = 1,225 Newtons

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