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Marbury v. Madison
Established judicial review
McCulloch v. Maryland
Established national supremacy
Plessy v. Ferguson
Established separate but equal.
Schenck V. U.S.
limits on speech, esp. in wartime; clear and present danger test
Gitlow v. New York
Established precedent of federalizing Bill of Rights (applying them to the states); freedom of speech protected
Palko v. Connecticut
Provided test for determining which parts of Bill of Rights should be federalized - those which are implicitly or explicitly necessary for liberty to exist.
Brown v. Board, 1st
School segregation unconstitutional
Brown v. Board of Education 2nd
Ordered schools to desegregate "with all due and deliberate speed."
Mapp v. Ohio
illegally obtained evidence cannot be used in court
Engel v. Vitale
Prohibited state-sponsored recitation of prayer in public schools