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short story

a story told in a shorter way, contains a clear beginning middle end and primary conflict.


The positive force in the story, usually the person who tries to solve the conflict in the story.


The opposing force of the story, ussually the person thats adds to or creates the main


fiction is prose writing about a story that is not real or is based off of a real stroy or idea.


The ordinary term for spoken or written lanuage.

literary conflict

The interplay of two opposin forces in a story, and is not a problem. It is the essential element of fiction.

individual versus individual

A conflict based on one person opposin another

individual versus self

An inner conflict revolvin around a problem within a charecter

individual versus society

aA conflict based around one person againt many

individual versus enviornment

A conflict revolving around a person not being able to adapt to a place, or for some reason bein against it.

individual versus fate

A conflict based oppon a charecter with a fate,such as dying of cancer, and his fight against it. Something is bound to happen to him but he is opposing it.

individual versus nature

A conflict focused on a charecter surviving in nature.


The person who tells the story, the big voice in the backround of a movie.

first person narrator

The "I" form of narration someone tellin the story from teir own perspective

third person limited narrator

Doesnt read the thoughts of all the charecters, just tells the story without knowing or sayin everythin to come.

third person omniscient narrrator

A person telling the story from a non personal ftype of view, knows everything everyone is thinking and everything that is goin to happen.

functions of the narrator

To tell the story,to ask questions the reader would ask and to act as a counterbalance to the main charecter


someone who is in a fictional story.

major charecter

A vital charecter to the story and is invlolved with the main plot .

minor charecter

A non vital charecter in the story ussually involved in the plot for a very small amount of time

Methods of charecterization

speech,actions,inner thoughts,physical apearance, psycoloical condition,reaction to another charecter


where the story takes place.

time setting

when in time the story takes place

place setting

specific place where the story takes place

vital setting

a settin that plays an essential role to the story

functional setting

where the setting only backrounds the story

single effect

a method ussually used in horror, single effect is where every word in a sentence has vital importance to the maening the writer is tryin to get across.

plot structure

beginning, risin action, climax, decendiing action, conclusion

technical climax

when the two opposing forces meet in the story to resolve the conflict.

dramatic climax

the point of greatest intrest to the reader.


giving hints to encourage the reader to keep reading.


a place where the action of the story is interupted to relate back to an earlier time.


the effect of implying something that is the opposite of what you implied

verbal irony

a charecter says somethin that is the exact opposite of what will happen

dramatic irony

when the reader knows more about whats happening than the charecters do


The overall message of the story


a tangible item used to represent an abstract idea or feeling


a statement wich tells how life should be lived

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