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Which selection tool has options for selecting skin tones?
Color Range
There are times when it's helpful to save a selection for future use, as when making complex selections. Which menu allows you to save a selection?
What function would you use to create a sharp-edged web button on a layer?
Vector mask
What does feathering do to a selection?
Softens the transition at the selection border by blurring, so some detail is lost
Where can you find these options for most selection tools: New, Add To, Subtract From, and Intersect With?
Options bar
Which Blur filter allows you to simulate a shallow depth of field?
Tilt Blur
Where can you create a new snapshot of the current editing state?
History panel
Which selection tool allows you to draw straight-line segments?
Polygonal Lasso tool
Which specialized tool would you use to remove a small blemish from a face?
Spot Healing Brush tool
Which feature in Refine Edge automatically adjusts the radius when you brush over soft edges such as hair?
Smart Radius
Anti-aliasing softens content by changing only the edge pixels, so no detail is lost. When would anti-aliasing be useful?
When creating composite images
Which specialized tool would you use to automatically fill in the hole left when you moved a selected element?
Content-Aware Move tool
When would feathering be useful?
For framing an image with a vignette
What important purpose do selections have?
They allow you to isolate areas for editing, leaving the other areas untouched.
What do these five items have in common: Border, Smooth, Expand, Contract, Feather?
All are found in Select> Modify.
When compositing two exposures of the same image, which function uses masks to bring out the best of both images?
Why are Smart Filters considered nondestructive editing tools?
They do not change the pixels on the original image, so the filter remains editable.
If you want to move a selection border but not the selection content, which tool do you use to click and drag inside the selection?
Any selection tool
What can you do in the Filter Gallery?
Tum a filter's effect on or off , Apply multiple filters , Change the order in which filters are applied
What is a common term for the dotted lines indicating selection borders in Photoshop?
Marching ants