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transition to RN #3

American Nurses Association Scope and standards of Practice
describes the who, what, where, when, why and how of nursing practice and the responsibilities a nurse is accountable.
American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC)
The credentialing arm of the ANA began certifying facilities that demonstrated the fourteen forces of Magnetism.
Medicare has 2 parts
Part A hospital Insurance and Part B Medical Insurance
Which statement best illustrates patient advocacy at the national level for universal health care access?
joining a professional nursing organization that lobbies for health care for all.
What is the primary outcome related to diagnosis related groups?
Patients are prematurely discharged.
What increased consumer awareness of the health care system?
Community members participation on health organization planning committees.
What is the primary goal of managed care?
to establish cost effective quality care for groups of patients.
Knowledgeable health care consumers are responsible for which change in the health care system?
Provision of wellness services . Wellness services minimize hospitalization.
What is the overall goal of managed care?
to contain health care costs.
In addition to overseeing worker safety, which function does the nurse in an industrial clinic perform?
Provides health education, provides nursing care at the workplace to employees, customers, and others with injury or illness.
What is the primary function of the American Nurses Association Political Action Committee? (ANA PAC)
to serve as the lobbyist at the federal level.
The National Committee for Quality assurance is responsible for?
reviewing HMOs
Not for profit and
Provides statistical data for employers and consumers to evaluate HMO's
Which is a characteristic of a for profit health care agency?
Makes payments to shareholders out of revenues.
What is the primary problem of the fee for service reimbursement method?
It provides no rewards for careful use of resources and sets no control on volume.
What is the primary impact of technological advances on nursing practice?
Nurses balance task oriented care with a humanistic approach to patients.
Joint commission
accredits 80% of all acute hospitals in the US. As well as, ambulatory care centers, clinical labs, HMO's, PPO's, home health care and hospices.
Which activity best reflects a nurses's adherence to the ANA standards of clinical Nursing Practice?
The nurse refers a discharged patient to the appropriate support group.
One characteristic of a profession is that it represents a specialized body of knowledge. Which nursing activity best reflects this characteristic?
Formulating nursing diagnoses for each client. Nursing diagnosis requires a specialized knowledge base in nursing care.
Over the last 2 decades the public has grown increasing distrustful towards individuals, like nurses , who provide essential services.What shoes that the professional of nursing has been responsive to the public?
Consumer presence on professional boards of nursing.
Which best describes the differentiated practice model of delivery of nursing care?
Nurses receive patients assignments according to their education and level of expertise.
Liassesfaire style nursing will not encourage nurses to?
work collaboratively
What is the purpose of the ANA code of Ethics for nurses (2001)?
The code functions as a tool for professional self regulation.
A nurse coordinates care services including acute care and home care for a patient with a chronic illness. This situation is an example of which pattern of nursing care delivery?
Case management
In case management the case manager is responsible for?
Providing care for a patient throughout the continue of care.
Which is the best definition of the Nursing Outcome Classification system? (NOC)
A list of indicators that suggest the change in a patients condition
Which is an example of appropriate delegation by the nurse manager?
The nurse manager assigns a staff nurse to check the emergency cart.
Betty Neuman and Sister Callista Roy developed their nursing models based on what type of theory?
Systems Theory
On a special care unit, nurses usually work independently, and are each responsible for two or three patients whose care requires a high degree of professional knowledge and competence. Which leadership style would be most conducive to the effective management of this unit?
A nurse manager who is in charge of a med surge unit allows the registered nurse to determine the staffing schedule for the unit the the stipulation that adequate coverage must be provided on all shifts. Which management style is the nurse manager using?
Democratic. In democratic leadership, the nurse manager allows the staff to make scheduling decisions, but does state that there must be adequate coverage.
Why are the Pew Health Profession Commission recommendations on the adequacy and supple of nurses considered irrelevant today?
The shortage of nurses in specialized technical areas and geographic regions.