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primi or multis most likely to get


what age group are most likely to get

under 18 or over 35

when does pre-eclampsia usually begin

after 20 weeks

name three symptoms of PIH

hypertension, weight gain, proteinuria

if preeclampsia is mild will the woman be hospitalized

no, just rest at home

what type of diet is indicated

increased protein, normal salt intake

what measurement must the woman do every day


what is the activity order for severe

bed rest

what is the best position for severe

left side lying

what is the diet order of severe

low salt high protein

are diuretics used


when a woman is hospitalized for preeclampsia the nurse should test the...

#1 reflexes, then urine for protein

when preeclampsia gets worse the deep tendon reflexes will be ___


pre eclampsia makes the neuromuscular system more or less irritable


what vision problem do they have


what type of precautions will be used with severe


name 5 things included in seizure precautions

suction machine in room, o2 in room, padded rails up x4, must stay on unit, ambulation with supervision only, no more than 1 pillow

when is pre eclampsia turned into eclampsia

once convulsions have occured

in the eclamptic patient what ominous sign almost always predicts a seizure

severe epigastric pain

what are the three major tx objectives

decrease bp, control convulsions, diuresis

the urine output of the eclamptic patient will


how would you palpate the uterus to see if the eclamptic woman is having contractions

place hand flat on abdomen over fundus with fingers apart and press lightly

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