Warriors Don't Cry Quiz

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During Melba's first class, Melba's teacher ignores the other students who yell and call her names. This means that she is against integration. Melba says, "Again, I waited for the teacher to speak up, but she said nothing. Some of the students snickered. The boy took his seat, but he kept shouting ugly words at me throughout the rest of class. My heart was weeping, but I squeezed back the tears." (page 75) Mrs. Pickwick treats Melba completely different. As soon as Melba walked into the shorthand class, she greets her and says, "Hello, honey, welcome." (page 78) When students started to move away from her, and started insulting her, Mrs. Pickwick says, "If you move, you move to the office and see the principal." (page 78) She also warns Melba to not look out the window, and overall treats her very nice compared to other teachers. The principal walks away from the kids while being introduced, and Mrs. Huckaby simply helps the kids with what they need and then send them off. She isn't mean nor nice. While reading, I was frustrated and angry with the teachers who ignored Melba and encouraged the kids to shout at her. I couldn't believe that a teacher could make a child - their student - feel so unwelcome and so terrible. The way the principal had walked away and the way Melba's first teacher simply didn't talk really aggravated me. However, Mrs. Pickwick was my favorite teacher. The way she welcomed Melba and told the class to not move away or insult Melba really helped Melba feel less scared and I wish all teachers could be as nice as her.