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New Testament Part 2

How long did it take for the books of the Christian Testament to be written?
40-70 years
Is there an order of the books in the New Testament determined by the order in which they were written?
What is the order of the NT?
first gospels
second acts of apostles
third Paul's letters in order of longest to shortest
Give examples of Jesus demonstrating that he is a faithful Jewish man
follows dietary laws, goes to the temple, goes to the synagogue
Know geography!
What are the marriage customs in Jesus' time?
girl age 14-16 betrothal=1 year live with parents
what is a patriarchal society and how was Jesus' society patriarchal?
Male dominated women had no rights
Why were woman stoned if they committed adulatory?
It was to protect the integrity of the family, keeping the covenant of marriage
Did Jesus have many women followers?
What was the importance of bread and sharing meals in Jesus' time?
bread is a main food. This was a sacred act
What occupations did most men in Jesus' time have?
Wood workers, fisherman, farmers, and shepherds
In what language did Jesus speak in the synagogue and then everyday?
synagogue=Greek everyday= Aramaic Greek to the gentiles and do commerce
What languages were the original NT writings written in?
Faith sources vs historical and which is sacred scripture?
Sacred scripture is both a faith source and historical source because we have faith in it and it was written in time.
What were the Jewish expectations of the Messiah?
Military hero like David
What are the synoptic gospels?
Matthew, Mark, and Luke
What are the sources for the synoptic gospels?
Q and Mark
Who was the audience of each gospel?
Matthew-Jews--Jews is the Messiah
Mark-Gentiles persecuted in Rome
What are the three themes of each Synoptic gospel?
Luke-Universal salvation
Mark- Messianic secret--apostles don't understand
Matthew-Kingdom of God
What is the theme of John?
God's divinity
How are the beatitudes in Matthew and Luke compared?
Blessings by which you should live
What are the Beatitudes?
It means "supreme happiness." The eight of these tat Jesus preaches in the Sermon on the Mount respond to our natural desire for happiness
What is the kingdom of God/Heaven?
God rules. The kingdom of God is here but it had not yet been realized
Know Elizabeth, Virgin Mary, and Mary Magdalene!!
What was the issue at the Council of Jerusalem?
Weather or not gentiles need to become Jews in order to be Christian. (NO!)
Where were Paul's missionary journeys?
Syria, Greece, Turkey (Asia)
Know about Paul's missionary journeys!
Of what Jewish group did Paul belong?
Jew-Pharisee-Very proud of it
What does Deuteropauline mean?
Second Pauline
What is the Oldest new testament writing?
Know the themes in the Pauline letters: Galatians-The gospel is what saves
Why are historical sources of information about Jesus valuables?
Because they tell us that Jesus was a historical person and it tells us about is culture
Justification=The right relationship with Bod by having faith in Jesus. I have faith in the PASCHAL MYSTERY!!
Who were the Judaizers?
These people preached that you need to become a Jew before becoming Christian