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money that people and businesses must pay in order to support the government.


a low making group in Britain similar to our Congress. Colonist were not allowend to vote for members of Parliament.


to take back or cancle.


murdering people who cannot defend themselves.


colonist who wanted independence from Britain.


Colonist who wanted to remain loyal or a part of Britain, also known as a Tory.


a person who does not take a side in a disagreement or war.


the act of saying of announcing something firmly.


small, untrained army


the crime of being disloyal to a government or leader.


someone who helps you fight a fight.


a professional soldier who will fight for anyone who pays him.

Taxation without representaition

being taxed without having a say or a role in deciding on a law; forcing people to pay taxes even though they have no say in making the law that created the tax.


free from control of other people or things

Freedom of choice/ speech

~freedom to express one's opinions and beliefs without fear of punishment, even if that opinion is different than the government's.
~Freedom to ask the government to change something.

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