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  1. nodule
  2. eruption
  3. keloid
  4. alopecia
  5. exfoliation
  1. a a small node that is solid and can be detected by touch; a rounded prominence (e.g. a boss)
  2. b a sharply elevated, progressively enlarging scar that does not fade with time
  3. c baldness; hereditary or caused by chemotherapy
  4. d breaking out; a rash
  5. e a falling off in scales or layers

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  1. necrotic or dead tissue
  2. itching
  3. a slough (hard crust) produced by thermal burn
  4. a narrow slit on the skin surface
  5. a superficial loss of skin (e.g. by scratching)

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  1. tumora local destruction of tissue from sloughing of necrotic inflammatory tissue


  2. erosioneating or gnawing away (e.g. an early ulcer)


  3. vesicleany pathologic or traumatic discontinuity of tissue (e.g. a sore)


  4. lesionany pathologic or traumatic discontinuity of tissue (e.g. a sore)


  5. erythemaredness of the skin