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  1. vitiligo
  2. ecchymosis
  3. cicatrix
  4. laceration
  5. macule
  1. a loss of pigment; white patchy areas
  2. b cut; tearing; a torn wound
  3. c a spot, or thickening (e.g. a freckle, flat mole) area is not raised above the surface
  4. d bruise, caused by bleeding under the skin
  5. e a scar

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  1. coin-sized and coin-shaped
  2. a small blister containing liquid
  3. necrotic or dead tissue
  4. a falling off in scales or layers
  5. a sharply elevated, progressively enlarging scar that does not fade with time

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  1. erythemaredness of the skin


  2. hirsutismabnormal hairiness, especially in women


  3. actinicno body pigment; white skin and hair


  4. fissurea narrow slit on the skin surface


  5. cysta closed epithelium-lined cavity or sac, normal or abnormal, usually containing liquid or semisolid material