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  1. exfoliation
  2. plaque
  3. wheal
  4. exanthem
  5. pustule
  1. a a small, elevated, pus-containing lesion of the skin
  2. b any patch or flat area; used to describe the silvery scales of psoriasis
  3. c an erruptive (rose colored) disease or fever
  4. d a localized area of swelling on the body surface (e.g. produced by a skin test reaction)
  5. e a falling off in scales or layers

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  1. a closed epithelium-lined cavity or sac, normal or abnormal, usually containing liquid or semisolid material
  2. abnormal hairiness, especially in women
  3. a mark remaining after the healing of a wound or other morbid process
  4. cut; tearing; a torn wound
  5. itching

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  1. papulaea spot, or thickening (e.g. a freckle, flat mole) area is not raised above the surface


  2. nodulea small node that is solid and can be detected by touch; a rounded prominence (e.g. a boss)


  3. bulla (-ae)large blisters, as in burns


  4. vesiclea small blister containing liquid


  5. fissurea small, elevated, pus-containing lesion of the skin