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Test 4 Review

The widest transverse portion of the skull, the most appropriate area to measure BPD is
The level of midline echo complex
The three vessels found in the umbilical cord
One vein and two arteries
Total number of pregnancies
This term indicates the fetal head is towards (not in) the fundus of the uterus
Because of the low density of brain tissue the texture of the brain can appear
The cranial bones begin to ossify by
12 weeks
Fetal anatomy may be accurately assessed after
18 menstrual weeks
When evaluating the fetal spine align the transducer
Perpendicular access to the spine
The presentation of a fetus lying perpendicular to the maternal sagittal axis is
The normal lateral ventricle measures less than
When measuring the cistern magna, is the measurement is obtained by measuring between what two points?
Vermis to the occipital bone
The BPD is the measurement of the fetal head at the level of
Thalamus and the cavum septa pellcuia
The structure that carries the oxygenated blood from umbilical vein to IVC
Ductus Venosous
If you have a fetus with the liver on the right, stomach on the left, apex of heart pointing left
Normal situs
The fetal bladder normally empties
Every one hour
Which of the following shunts blood away from the lung
Ductus ateriosus
Which of the following about the fetal liver is false
The right lobe is larger than the left lobe in utero
20 weeks gestation the renal pelvis is considered abnormal when measured greater than
At what level do we measure the abdominal circumference
The measurement is at the level of the stomach, the left portal vein, and the left umbilical vein
The abdominal circumference is
A measurement at the level of the left portal vein, stomach, and left umbilical vein
The most accurate for determining the gestational age during the first trimester is the
Crown-rump length
Which fetal measurement is about as accurate as a BPD in determining gestational age
Femur length
The fetal orbits would be measured in a plane
Slightly caudal to the BPD area of measurement
We measure the BPD
The outer edge to inner edge, or leading to leading
The assessment of the fetus to determine fetal well being includes
Fetal tone, amniotic fluid index, cardiac nonstress test, fetal breathing and is known as a Biophysical Profile
Asymmetric growth restriction may show all of the following except
Head and body both small for dates
What is the normal range of AFI
We take into account BPD, HC, AC, FL , HL for
Estimated Fetal Weight EFW
One of the growth problems with a diabetic fetus is
Significant maternal risk factors for IGUR include all of the following except
Which is false
The FL/AC ratio is a good positive predictive indicator for IUGR
Which is false of AFI
AFI greater than 5cm is indicative of IUGR
Which of the following is not a parameter of a BPP
Fetal swallowing
Macrosomia is defined as a birth weight
About the 90% percentile for gestational age
IUGR is most commonly defined as a fetal birth weight of
At or below 10% for the gestational age
Macrosomia is defined as a birth weight
Above 90% percentile for gestational age
The single most useful biometric parameter of to assess fetal growth/weight
Abdominal circumference
Calculating the macrosomic index b
BPD-Chest circumference
The placenta in a macrosomic fetus is
Significantly large
Symmetric IUGR is usually the result of
First trimester insult
Asymmetric IUGR is caused by
Placental insufficiency
The single most sensitive indicator for IUGR is
AC (book answer, he may want something else)
What fetal body organ is most severely affected by IUGR
Fetal liver
Which lobe is bigger in the fetal liver?
What is fuel for fetal growth?
Twins that arise from two separate fertilized ova are
A complication of pregnancy characterized by increasing hypertension, proteinuria, edema
Term that describes a group of conditions in which hydrops is present in the fetus, but not the result of a fetal/maternal blood group rH incompatibility
Non-immune hydrops
What sonographic finding would confirm the presence of a diamniotic pregnancy?
Membrane that separates the fetuses
What is the appearance of overlapping skull bones, indicating fetal death?
Spalding sign
The sonographic findings of a fetal hydrops and that's rH sensitization (immune hydrops) include all except
(pleural effusion, pericardial effusions, Polyhydramnios) thinning placenta
Premature labor is defined as the onset of labor prior to the
37 weeks gestation
A monochorionic twin pregnancy in which one of the twins develops without a heart or upper body
Acardiac anomaly
Severe generalized massive fetal edema is described as
In twin to twin transfusion syndrome, is the venous blood of one twin being pumped into the arterial system of another?
No, arterial system shunting to the venous system
In a twin to twin transfusion what is true?
All of the above
A prenatal test that permits direct viewing of a developing embryo
Amniocentesis may be used for all of the following except
Predict cardiac abnormalities
Reasons to perform amniocentesis for all of the following except
Multiple gestations
The quadruple screen includes
Alpha-feta protein, hCG, unconjugated estrial levels
Abnormality of the # of chromosomes
When dealing with an Aneuploidy, what is an early screening (noninvasive)
Nuchal translucency
What is the most common Aneuploidy or chromosomal anomaly
Down's Syndrome, trisomy 21
The optimal collection site in amniocentesis is
Away from the central portion of the placenta, away from the umbilical cord, away from the fetus (we don't want lateral to the maternal midline)
MSAFP and amniotic fluid AFP has an inverse relationship, one goes up and one goes down, what is the correlation with fetal age?
Amniotic fluid AFPS decrease with fetal age, MSAFP increases with fetal age
What are the functions of the placenta
Nutrition, hormone production, protection, respiration, storage
What is a battledore placenta
The cord insertion isn't central to the placenta, its offset
Is the vellamentous insertion refers to
Membranous insertion of the cord into the placenta
A marginal or eccentric insertion of the cord into the placenta
What is the primary cause of placental megaly
Maternal diabetes
Complications of placenta previa do not include
Post partum hemorrhage
What is the yolk sac
Before the placenta is formed the yolk sac is the primary blood source for the embryo
What are the four fetal membranes
Chorion, amnion, allantoids, yolk sac
The major functioning unit of the placenta is
Chorionic villa
What hormones does the placenta produce
hCG, estrogens, progesterone
How many vessels in the umbilical cord
What are the umbilical vessels
2 arteries and 1 vein
What is the stuff that wraps around and protects umbilical cord
Wharton's jelly
What is the ductus venosus
Umbilical vein bypasses liver to the IVC
Which of the following is false about placental abruption
The bleed will lead to a chorioangioma (vascular tumor)
What is a cause of a small placenta
Chromosomal abnormality
What happens when the central intramembranous vessels course across the internal os
Vasa previa
Continuous monitoring during amniocentesis is invaluable
Premature rupture of membranes
A marginal placental previa is
The placenta touching but crossing the internal os