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a holy struggle or striving by a Muslim for a moral or spiritual or political goal


the Arab prophet who founded Islam


the holiest city of Islam; Muhammad's birthplace

The Koran

the holy book of Islam


a mystical muslim group that believed they could draw closer to god through prayer, fasting, and a simple life


Muslims belonging to branch of Islam believing that the community should select its own leadership. The majority religion in most Islamic countries.


people who only want Muhammad's descendants as ruler

Shar'ia Law

Islamic Law; Moral code of religious law of Islam
From the precepts set forth by Quran and the example set by the prophet Muhammad in the Sunna


Muslim name for the one and only God


(Islam) a Muslim place of worship


(Islam) a fast (held from sunrise to sunset) that is carried out during the Islamic month of Ramadan (9th month)


tells forth the will and council of God


motivation based on ideas of right and wrong


an organized group of people with an obsessive devotion to a person or set of principles

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