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China Chapter 17 Inventions


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Inventions that made exploration and travel safer by improvements in the following areas
travel on the sea, rivers, lakes and canals
In the 3rd Century BCE the first Chinese compasses were made with pieces of magnetic mineral called lodestone.
How did the compass improve during the song dynasty?
The Chinese were now using magnetic compasses for navigation at sea.
How did the Chinese improve boat construction?
They started building ships with separate, watertight compartments. They also utilized caulk to seal these watertight compartments.
The paddlewheel boats allowed Chinese to
travel much faster on rivers and lakes.
Cannal lock
Chinese used this to connect the many rivers. Parts of the canals were at different levels. Before the improved locks were invented, the Chinese had to drag their boats up stone ramps to reach water at a higher level.
Improvement in bridges
were segmented and arched, the new material was stronger, one of China's most prized achievements.
The Chinese invented the art of paper making by the second century CE.
Mulburry tree
this is from where paper was orignial made from
Paper helped establish
paper money-before only coins were used as currency
the invention of paper allowed for another key discovery-woodblock printing
moveable type
individual characters made of woods or metal that can be arranged to create a printing job and then to be used over again
mass produce
to make quanities of an item by using standardized designand dividing steps of production among the workers
an explosive powder made of saltpeter and other materials-one of the most important discoveries in history-made these weapons possible
Importance of tea
LU YU-wrote Cha Jing (tea classic) -in the book, he discussed how to cultivate tea, prepare and drink/community
Play mixed with minerals in kiln (high temp.)
to protect that against disease by transmitting a disease-causing agent to a person,
simulating the body's defensive reaction;