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95-119 NA, Europe & Asia Middle East
Reasons for the atm. of distrust & isolation btwn E & W
a. Russian Rev. and Russian Civil War
b. Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
China slipped into a weakened state
a. Bcuz of the warring forces inside the country
Why did Containment Liberation_ Deterrence appear unsuccessful at first
Soviets spread communism all thru E Europe and the U.S. couldn't stop them
Western Europe made a rapid recovery mostly in part to
The Marshall Plan
Why rev. spread across E Europe in 1989
Russia no longer had complete control over sat. countries
What helped rebuild Japs econ. post WW2
US helped rebuild Japs econ to pre-war status
Dwight Eisenhowers Policy
Become an Advisory of south Vietnam
Ataturks goals for Turkey
a. Build strong modern turk state
b. Sep. relig. from state
c. Provide greater pol, social, & econ freedom for women
d. Provide gov founding for industrialization
Pahlavi"s actions in Iran
a. Modernize the econ
b. sep relig. from state
c. Bring in west laws and customs
d. respond to opposition with threats and repression
Ibn Saud in Arabia
United Arabia & intrated Sharia Law into gov.
Middle Eastern Countries
Not afghanistan
Balfour Declaration
stated that britain would support a home of the Jewish people in the middle East
Anwar Sadat
President of Egypt
Menachem Begin
Isreali prime minister
yasser arafat
head of the PLO guerrilla org
Ayatollah Khomeini
exiled shia leader
3 regional issues in the Middle East
a. resources aka lack there of
b. Rise of extremist Philosophy
c. tensions btwn middle east and isreal
source of conflict
i. oil rich nations threaten poor neighbors
ii. caused internal clashes
attempts to reg. production of oil to maximize profit
Radical terrorists
believed muslims have strayed from true islam and have followed western society
Created a movement whose purpose is to
reorder gov. & society according to islamic laws
actions of Islamist that come to power
a. attacked regional govs
b. attacked allies
c. attacked civilians