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  1. If each car shown in Question 11 is marked up between 50 and 250 increments, what function could be used to randomly assign the amount to be added to the car price in this formula?
  2. What is the formula to determine the number of cars that cost less than 20,000?
  3. Write an excel formula in H3 that can be copied down the column to calculate the cost of this component for a larger sales meeting base on the following: if this item is optional as indicated in column b, then the cost will be equal to the original budgeted amount, if this item is required as indicated in column, then the cost will be three time the original budgeted amount.
  4. What formula to find the average?
  5. Which excell function should you use when you want to look up a value from a two dimensional table, where both columns and rows can be varied?
  1. a INDEX
  2. b Average
  3. c =countif(B2:B10,"<=20000")
  4. d =IF(B3="O",C3,C3*3)
  5. e =B2+ Randbetween(50,250)

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  1. 42
  2. Parenthesis
    Multiplication and division
    Adding and subtracting
  3. Above all else, show data
    Maximize the data-ink ration, within reason
    Erase non-data ink, within reason
    Erase redundant data ink, within reason
    Revise and eit
  4. Box has insufficient width
  5. =Median(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)

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  1. ArgumentsA rule that governs how a function works. A systematic set of procedures that the computer always steps through to calculate the results of a function


  2. The lookup_value of a Vlookup function can be contiguous cell rangeFalse, descending


  3. In a Vlookup formula with a true lookup type, the first column of the lookup table referenced must be in ascending order to retrieve the correct value.True


  4. What formula to find the largest value in cells?=mode(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)


  5. Reference and lookup functions may not contain nested functions as argumentsFalse