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  1. What formula to find the total number of values listen in cells that contain text?
  2. Write a formula to dtermine if none of items are within budget
  3. Write a formula to determine if true or false only the required items (r) are within budget.
  4. Which excell function should you use when you want to look up a value from a two dimensional table, where both columns and rows can be varied?
  5. The formula =INDEX((B2:D7,B12:D17,B22:D17),2,3,2) returns the value in cell D13
  1. a =And(Or(E3:E5,B7), Not(Or(E6,E8)))
  2. b Count
  3. c =Not(E3:E8)
  4. d INDEX
  5. e True

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  1. bar chart is horizontal and column is vertical (highlight tab)
  2. Small word-sized charts or graphics are embedded within the words, numbers, and images they represent in a worksheet, making multiple comparisons of trends and patters much easier.
  3. conditional formatting, highlight cell rules, greater than
  4. <>
  5. =Averageif(A2:A10,"Ford",B2:B10)

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  1. Write a formula to dtermine if at least one item is within budget=OR(E3:E8)


  2. What formula would you write to add a range of numbers in cells A2:X2?Sum


  3. When writing formula's, why is it preferable to use cell reference?Min


  4. What is the Countif formula to count the number of GM cars on this list?=Countif(A2:A10,"GM")


  5. Excel matches the lookup_value "tom" with the entry "TOM" in a lookup tableTrue