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  1. The formula =INDEX((B2:D7,B12:D17,B22:D17),2,3,2) returns the value in cell D13
  2. Write a formula in cell b13 in the pricing worksheet to determine the total cost of making copies for this order (3). write the formula so that it works when copied into cells B14:B16.
  3. Write a formula to determine if all of the items are within budget
  4. Arguments
  5. How do you change the chart type of an existing chart?
  1. a =Vlookup(A13,$A2:$B7,2,True)*A13
  2. b A function input (when putting a number and how many decimal places)
  3. c =And(E3:E8)
  4. d True
  5. e Go to the design ribbon and click change chart type

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  1. =roundup
  2. False, descending
  3. =B2+ Randbetween(50,250)
  4. =Sumif(A2:A10,"Ford",B2:B10)
  5. =countif(B2:B10,"<=20000")

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  1. SyntaxThe specific format of a function including the function name and the order of the arguments


  2. What formula to find the average?Average


  3. Write a formula to dtermine if at least one item is within budget=roundup


  4. The data set: 2,5,4,3,1,2,7, has a standard deviation of 1.58 as compared with another data set that has the same mean but a standard deviation of 2.5. What general differences would you expect to find between the two sets of data?9 colors with only 4 cells with data.


  5. What is the mode of the data set: 2,5,4,3,1,2,7=mode(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)