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  1. Write an excel formula in H3 that can be copied down the column to calculate the cost of this component for a larger sales meeting base on the following: if this item is optional as indicated in column b, then the cost will be equal to the original budgeted amount, if this item is required as indicated in column, then the cost will be three time the original budgeted amount.
  2. The data set: 2,5,4,3,1,2,7, has a standard deviation of 1.58 as compared with another data set that has the same mean but a standard deviation of 2.5. What general differences would you expect to find between the two sets of data?
  3. #N/A
  4. Write a formula to round up 63.34% to the nearest percent
  5. The formula =Round(345.43,0) results in what precise value?
  1. a =IF(B3="O",C3,C3*3)
  2. b No Answer
  3. c 345
  4. d =roundup
  5. e A wider range of value

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  1. True
  2. <>
  3. Gives a number between 0 and 1
  4. True
  5. True because all are false so its going to come back false, but it says not, so it is the opposite

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  1. The default range_lookup type for the Vlookup and Hlookup functions is falseFalse


  2. #ValueWrong Argument type or operation


  3. #Div/0No Answer


  4. What formula to find the smallest value in the cells?Gives a number between 0 and 1


  5. ArgumentsInvalid numeric values in a formula or function