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  1. #######
  2. Write a formula in cell G3 that can be copied down the column to return the following: if this item has an actual cost of less than 100, then return the text, minor component cost. If this item has an actual cost of 100 or more, then return the text, major component cost
  3. What formula to find the total number of values listen in cells that contain text?
  4. In a Vlookup formula with a true lookup type, the first column of the lookup table referenced must be in ascending order to retrieve the correct value.
  5. Syntax
  1. a True
  2. b =If(D3<100,"Minor component cost", "Major component Cost")
  3. c The specific format of a function including the function name and the order of the arguments
  4. d Count
  5. e Box has insufficient width

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  1. conditional formatting, highlight cell rules, greater than
  2. Parenthesis
    Multiplication and division
    Adding and subtracting
  3. =Median(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)
  4. <>
  5. =IF(D3>C3,"True","False")

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  1. What formula is used in cell E3, which can be copied down the column to determine True or false if this item is within budget?=If(D3<C3, "True","False")


  2. Write a formula to determine the average price of only Ford vehicles using the worksheet in question 11.=OR(E3:E8)


  3. What formula to find the largest value in cells?Min


  4. #NAME?Invalid numeric values in a formula or function


  5. What value would the following formula return? =IF(D4<=C4, "Within budget", "Over budget")=OR(E3:E8)


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