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  1. What are the three steps involved in using the insert tab to create a chart?
  2. The result_vector of a lookup function must be sorted in ascending order
  3. What formula could you write to average the values in cells A10 through A20, excluding blank cells, rounded to the nearest 10?
  4. What value would the following formula return? =IF(D4<=C4, "Within budget", "Over budget")
  5. Write a formula in cell b13 in the pricing worksheet to determine the total cost of making copies for this order (3). write the formula so that it works when copied into cells B14:B16.
  1. a Select data you wish to display
    Click insert tab
    Click a button in charts group or dialogue box launcher
  2. b False, descending
  3. c =Vlookup(A13,$A2:$B7,2,True)*A13
  4. d =Round(Average(A10:A20),-1)
  5. e It would give over budget because D4 is greater then C4, statement is false therefore it gives over budget.

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  1. Go to the design ribbon and click change chart type
  2. bar chart is horizontal and column is vertical (highlight tab)
  3. XY scatter chart requires 2 values to compare (highlight tab)
  4. True
  5. =mode(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)

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  1. If you enter =2+4*10 exactly as shown, what value would result?42


  2. What formula could you write you calculate the mean of the following data set: 2,5,4,3,1,2,7=average(2,5,4,3,1,2,7)


  3. If each car shown in Question 11 is marked up between 50 and 250 increments, what function could be used to randomly assign the amount to be added to the car price in this formula?=Large(B2:B10,3)


  4. #Div/0No Answer


  5. Using the worksheet shown in Question 11, write a formula to determine the value of the third most expensive car=Large(B2:B10,3)