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This is about the 5th grade Our Nation Social Studies book, Unit 4.


a large farm with many workers who lived on the land they worked

cash crop

a crop grown to be sold for profit


an owner

indentured servant

a person who agreed to work for an amount of time in exchange for the cost of housing, food, and the voyage to North America


having the ability to produce most everything that one needs


to give something formally to someone


unjust treatment


a group of people from England who wanted to separate themselves from the Church of England


person who travels to a place for religious reasons


a person from England who wanted to improve the Church of England


person whose views are different from those of his or her leaders


to be not accepting of ideas or behaviors different from one's own


a person who gives speeches on religious subjects


a skilled worker who makes things by hand


a person who learns a skill or trade from an experienced worker

town common

an open space in the center of a town where cattle and sheep could graze

free-market economy

a system in which prices are not controlled by the government


a public sale in which something is sold to the person who offers the most money


a person who supports something


to resist or fight against authority


a government that is run by the people


a member of a country


A person chosen to act for others


a gathering of elected representatives for a specific purpose

town meeting

a gathering of people who live in a town to discuss issues

county seat

a place where a county government is located

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