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25 terms - Ihya Podcast 001

The Wonders of the Heart
a wonder | PL
عَجِيْبَةٌ | عَجَائِبُ
to be bewildered
to attain (s)
أَدْرَكَ ه
a thought | PL
خَاطِرٌ | خَوَاطِرُ
to be confounded | VN
دَهِشَ [ـَ] | دَهْشًا
to shine [a light, a place]
iris | PL
حَدَقَةٌ | أَحْدَاقٌ
pupil | PL
نَاظِرٌ | نَوَاظِرُ
to be aware (of)
اِطَّلَعَ عَلَى
hidden | PL
خَفِيٌّ | خَفَايَا
secret | PL
سَرِيْرَةٌ | سَرائِرُ
to conceal (s) | VN
كَنَّ [ـُ] ه | كَنًّا
mind | PL
اِسْتَغْنَى عَنْ
to manage (s)
دَبَّرَ ه
to seek advice from (s)
شَاوَرَ ه
to assist (s)
وازَرَ ه
to turn over (s)
قَلَّبَ ه
sin | PL
ذَنْبٌ | ذُنُوبٌ
fault | PL
عَيْبٌ | عُيُوبٌ
to dispel (s [grief] from)
فَرَّجَ ه عَنْ
anxiety, grief | PL
كَرْبٌ | كُرُوبٌ
to follow behind (s) | VN
دَبَرَ [ـُ] ه | دُبُوْرًا
to turn away (from)
to blaspheme (about)
أَلْحَدَ عَن
he united them
جَمَعَ شَمْلَهُمْ
he destroyed them
قَطَعَ دَابِرَهُمْ