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Which continent is home to patrick flanagan? Profession?

Australia, Roman Catholic priest

In what city was the Gospel of Mark written? Who was Mark writing to?

Rome, common people


Burning of the city of Rome

What language is the gospel of Mark written in?

Greek, 69CE

Jesus' native language


Title Jesus shuns

The Messiah, the Son of God

Jesus' divinity

High christology

Jesus' humanity

Low christology

Jesus began ministry

After John was arrested

Body of water Jesus was baptized in?

The River Jordan

After Jesus' baptism

Went into wilderness, 40 days

First 4 disciples

Simon (Peter), Andrew, James, and John

Before disciples


First city Jesus visits


Jesus chooses his disciples

Followers usually chose their teacher

Lake of Galilee referred to as a "sea"?

Jesus walks on water, signifies he is not afraid because seas had monsters in them

Tax collectors were considered sinners

Collected taxes for Rome

Jesus favors the title

Son of Man

"The days will come when the bridegroom is taken away from them, and then they will fat on that day."

Jesus is referring to himself as the bridegroom

Jewish Sabbath

Friday sundown to Saturday sundown

Christian Sabbath

Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown

Ruach ( Hebrew)


Euthys (Greek)


Metanoia (Greek)

Repent, turn around

Chronos (Greek)

Linear time

Kairos (Greek)

Moment of opportunity

Egiero (Greek)

To raise up

Jesus called "The Messiah"

Simon (Peter)

"The Son of God"

Roman officer


A story that has the same idea as the stated idea ahead of it and after


A way pf story telling the main idea is in the middle (center) and the story is told in a concentric circle


A story that is told and then a second story is told in its entirety and the first story is finished

Parable of the sower, the seed is ?

The word of God

Four types of soil

Rocky, hard, good stuff, thorny/ weedy

Kingdom of God compared to?

A mustard seed

When storm hits

Jesus is sleeping

Man possessed by unclean spirits


Unclean spirits go into

A swine herd, drown in the sea, area Gentile

Woman hemorrhaging, little girl

12 years, 12 tribes

Jesus' profession


"Talitha cum"

Little girl get up

Disciples traveled in

Groups of two, two tunics and sandals, take no money

King that ordered the beheading of John

King Herod

King Herods' wife


Dancing daughter


Witness to Jesus walking on water

12 disciples, dawn

Things that can defile you

Come from within the human heart

Battle of wits

Gentile woman

"Ephphatha" (Aramaic)

Be opened

Peter calls Jesus

The Messiah

People call Jesus

Elijah, John the baptizer


Holds the gospel together

5000 men

12 baskets left over, 12 tribes of Israel, 100s and 50s`

4000 people

7 baskets left over, 7 tribes of Gentiles, do not sit in groups


Top of a high mountain, God spoke

"This is my Son, Beloved: listen to him"

Elijah and Moses

Rich young ruler

Sell all he owns, give all money to poor


Blind man, removes cloak

James and John

Ask Jesus who will sit at his right hand

Article of clothing

Dazzling white tunic, disciples only bring tunics and sandals

Entry into Jerusalem

On a colt

Shema Israel

Hear oh Israel, the lord our god, the lord our god is one, you shall love the lord our god with all your heart, all of your soul, mind, and strength


You shall love your neighbor

Chapter 13

Olivet, Apocalyptic, Eschatological






The end

Chiasm of Chapter 13

A= false prophets, B= war/ rumors of war, C= suffering, CI= the end is not near

Not one stone will be left her upon another; all will be thrown down

Temple, 70 CE

Jar made of


Substance in jar


Jesus is here when he is betrayed



Father, God


I am and you will see...., High priest tears clothes

Carry cross

Simon of Cyrene

Wine mixed with


Crucified with

Two people

Hung on cross

6 hours

Jesus crucified on

Friday, risen on Sunday

Gospel written first

Mark, 70 CE, Greek


Early Christians in Rome

12 disciples

Simon (Peter), James son of Zebedee, John, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Cananaean, Judas Iscariot

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