Los 21 Paises, Capitales, y Nacionalidades. Conversación Sobre el Origen.

Argentina / Argentin@
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Honduras / Hondureñ@TegucigalpaMéxico / Méxican@México D.F.Nicaragua / NicaragüenseManaguaPanamá / Panameñ@La ciudad de PanamáParaguay / Paraguay@AsunciónPerú / Peruvian@LimaPuerto Rico / Puertoriqueñ@San JuanRepública Dominicana / Dominican@Santo DomingoUruguay / Uruguay@MontevideoVenezuela / Venezolan@CaracasCuba / Cuban@La Habana¿De dónde eres?Where are you from?Soy de...I'm from...¿De dónde es?Where is s/he from?Es de...S/he is from...¿De dónde son?Where are they from?Son de...They are from...¿De qué país eres?What country are you from?Soy de...I'm from...¿De qué país es?What country is s/he from?Es de...S/he is from...¿De qué país son?What country are they from?¿Qué nacionalidad eres?What nationality are you?Soy...I am...¿Qué nacionalidad es?What nationality is s/he?Es...S/he is...¿Qué nacionalidad son?What nationality are they?Son...They are...¿Qué idioma hablan en?What language do they speak in...?Hablan...They speak...¿Cuál es la capital de...?What is the capital of...?Es...It is...El mundothe worldEl continenteThe continentEl paísThe countryEl capitalThe capitalLa nacionalidadThe nationalityEl idiomaThe languageLa ciudadThe cityEl ríoThe riverEl lagoThe lakeBelice, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, PanamaWhat countries does "Billy's Grandma Eats Honey Nut Cheerios Politely." stand for?Venezuela____is in the shape of a VPeruThis country is shaped like it's capital, a LIMA bean...Uruguay and ParaguayThese are the little countries that "go UP" from South to NorthBolivia, Chile____is the "bowl" that "spills" the _______Ecuador___is on the Equator, and they sound alike.Argentina___is where the penguins live, and is also in the shape of a giant upside down A.Colombia___is where a lot of COFFEE comes from.Los Estados Unidos (EEUU) / EstadounidenseWashington, D.C. (Distrito de Columbia)

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