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The scientific study of material remains of past human life and activities.
A weapon shot from a bow, having a slender body, a pointed head, & feathers at the end.
Arrow Rest
A flat portion on a bow where an arrow sits before being fired.
An object created by humans usually for a practical purpose.
Base Plate
Large, flat portion of compass that all other parts sit on.
The horizontal direction, of a point in the distance, with respect to the compass.
The photosensitive receptor cells of the eye that sees color.
Contour Feather
Feathers that form the general covering and determine the external shape and color of a bird.
The abnormal depletion of body fluids, mainly water.
Downy Feather
A covering of soft, fluffy feathers, located underneath the contour feathers, keeping a bird warm.
Similar in form and function to the feathers found on the end of an arrow, but made of plastic.
A part on the bow designed specifically for holding.
Hollow Bones
Adaptation specific to bird bones, utilizing a web-like internal structure, which makes the bones lighter.
A member of a culture in which food is obtained by hunting, fishing, and foraging rather than by agriculture or the raising of animals.
The overheating of the body that can be caused by overexposure in a hot, dry climate.
The overcooling of the body that can be caused by overexposure in a cold climate.
Odd Flight
The odd colored of three fletching's on an arrow.
Orienting Arrow
The permanently marked arrow situated on the base plate of a compass.
Recurve Bow
Describes a type of bow that curves back on itself or inward.
The photosensitive receptor cells of the eye that sees faint light (black and white).
Rule of 3's
Relates to the length of time humans can live without certain basic needs. 3 minutes without air, 3 hours without shelter, 3 days without water, 3 weeks without food.
The body or stem of an arrow extending from the nock to the tip.
Acronym for strategies that are useful in a survival situation [Stop, Think, Observe, Plan].
A small cord used on the bow and fastened to each end.
To determine the position of an area of land by taking linear and angular measurements.
Survival Situation
Any situation where basic human needs have become more difficult to attain.
A zigzag trail used for climbing a steep hillside, the design also aids in reducing trail erosion.
Small piece at end of arrow serving as a point.
Upper/Lower Arm
Sections of the bow above and below the handle.