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34 terms

Inter.Spanish,Cap.8-2 el preterito de verbos -ar/ir/hacer

yo hice
I made
tú hiciste
you made
ellos hicieron
they made
ella hizo
she made
ella escuchó
she listened
nosotros escuchamos
we listened
yo escuché
I listened
tú compraste
you bought
ella compró
she bought
yo compré
I bought
yo llegué
I arrived
yo pagué
I paid
usted pagó
you (formal) paid
nosotros pagamos
we paid
tú estudiaste
you studied
ellos estudiaron
they studied
yo estudié
I studied
nosotros estudiamos
we studied
it cost
me maquillé
I put on make up
te maquillaste
you put on make up
se maquilló
she put on make up
se despertó
he woke up
nos despertamos
we woke up
se acostó
she went to bed
te acostaste
you went to bed
se baño
she bathed
me bañe
I bathed
te bañaste
you bathed
I went
you went
she went
we went
they went