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20 terms

AVOIR au présent-traductions

I have
Tu as
You (singular, informal) have
Il a
He has
Elle a
She has
On a
We have (or one has)
Nous avons
We have
Vous avez
You (singular and polite) have
Vous avez
You all have
Ils ont
They (all male) have
Ils ont
They (male or mixed) have
Elles ont
They (all female) have
Paul et moi avons
Paul and I have
Paul a
Paul has
Marie a
Marie has
Marie et moi avons
Marie and I have
Toi et Paul avez
You and Paul have
Toi et Marie avez
You and Marie have
Paul et Pierre ont
Paul and Peter have
Paul et Marie ont
Paul and Marie have
Marie et Julie ont
Marie and Julie have