spanish - compound prepositions

acostumbrarse a
to get used to
aprender a
to learn
ayudar a
to help to
comenzar a
to begin to
empezar a
to begin to (e)
enseñar a
to teach to
invitar a
to invite to
ir a
to be going to
negarse a
to refuse to
ponerse a
to begin to
prepararse a
to prepare to
volver a
to... again
acercarse a
to approach
asistir a
to attend
dar a
to face
dirigirse a
to go toward, to address oneself to
entrar a
to enter
llegar a
to arrive at
oler a
to smell of
responder a
to answer
saber a
to taste of
contar con
to count on
preocuparse con
to be concerned with
soñar con
to dream of
casarse con
to marry
contar con
to count on
cumplir con
to fill one's obligations
dar con
to meet, to come upon
encontrarse con
to meet
quedarse con
to keep
tropezar con
to run across, to come upon
acabar de
to have just
acordarse de
to remember to
alegrarse de
to be happy to
dejar de
to stop
encargarse de
to take charge of
haber de
to have to
olvidarse de
to forget to
preocuparse de
to be concerned about
quejarse de
to complain of
terminar de
to finish
tratar de
to try to
aprovecharse de
to take advantage of
burlarse de
to make fun of
depender de
to depend on
despedirse de
to say goodbye to
disculparse de
to apologize for
disfrutar de
to enjoy
dudar de
to doubt
enamorarse de
to fall in love with
gozar de
to enjoy (g)
mudarse de
to move
olvidarse de
to forget
pensar de
to think of, to have an opinion about
reírse de
to laugh at
servir de
to serve as
confiar en
to trust to
consentir en
to consent to
consistir en
to consist of
insistir en
to insist on
pensar en
to think of, about
tardar en
to delay, to take long to
convertirse en
to turn into
entrar en
to enter into
fijarse en
to notice