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Respiratory drugs word association between generic and trade

this is what worked for me to learn these. First look at the ones you know. Then identify the ones that share part of the name. With the rest link ideas to the drugs and that's what this is for
pirbuterol Maxair
think of a pirate in a floating pirate ship getting max air like in tailspin
levalbuterol Xopenex
With the two xs I think of a hardcore guy named levi that has big xs on his hands beating people up in a mosh pit
tiotropium bromide Spiriva
Think of uncle Spiriva, uncle in spanish is tio
fluticasone Flovent
You need flow and a vent for the air to make music with your flute
triamcinalone Azmacort
If you try and sin alone you'll end up in asthma court
budesonide Pulmicort
Your buddy will always show up to support you in court.
flunisolide Aerospan
The hero slides across the entire wingspan of the airplane.
mometasone Asmanex
moms have asthma too
cromolyn sodium Intal
Intal is a cromagnum man that grunts a lot
nedocromil sodium Tilade
Tilade is a necrotic, living dead zombie
zafirlukast Accolate
zafir is a genius foreign exchange student that gets all the accolades
salmeterol and fluticasone Advair
flute playing salmon jumping in the air
budesonide and formoterol Symbicort
your buddy always shows up to support you in court
aztreonam Cayston
Treonam is a cowboy from Cayston, AZ (arizona)
iloprost Ventavis
iloprost is the cheapest vehicle you could rent at Avis