30 terms

Decades: 1970s

What does SALT stand for?
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks.
What two countries did Jimmy Carter help come to a peace agreement?
Israel and Egypt.
What country attacked Israelis at the Munich Olympics?
What day of the olympics did the attacks at the Munich Game happen?
The eleventh day.
How many people were killed and how many people were taken hostage during the attacks at the Munich Games?
2 people were killed and 7 were taken hostage.
On what date did Egypt and Syria attack Israel?
October 6, 1973.
What makes the date where Egypt and Syria attacked so special to the Israelis?
It was Yom Kippur.
For how many days did the Egyptians and the Syrians attack Israel?
Who started the mass suicide in Equatorial Guinea?
Jim Jones.
On what date were the mass suicides?
November 18, 1978.
How many members of the People's Temple were killed by poisoned Fla-Vor-Aid?
900 or more.
When did the US completely draw from Vietnam?
March 1973.
For how many days did the Iranian Hostage Crisis occur?
444 days.
What agreement was made between Egypt, Israel, and Syria, and what date did it occur on?
The Camp David Accords, it was made in March of 1979.
What treaty was made because of the Panamanians Protest against the Panama Canal?
The Panama Canal Treaty.
What was the name of the agreement between the Soviets and the US that led to a less hostile relationship?
What group of Communists was led by Pol Pot?
Khmer Rouge.
The Invasion of Cambodia was protested by what group of people?
College Students.
Who were the presidents in the 70s?
Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, and Jimmy Carter.
What experiment was the US working on until an explosion occured?
The US was researching Nuclear Energy.
In what trial was Nixon impeached/resigned?
The United States vs. Nixon.
Describe the Watergate scandal.
It started when 5 men were arrested for entering the DMZ headquarters at the Watergate complex. Police found ties to Nixon, and then they discovered that Nixon had made recordings to cover it up.
When did Nixon resign?
August 9, 1974.
On what date did the watergate scandal happen?
June 17, 1972.
What group made oil prices skyrocket?
Who influenced "mannish" fashion clothes for women?
Diane Keaton.
Who showed off a new "punk" style?
Zandra Rhodes.
What was the height of the record skateboard jump?
5 ft.
Who won 11 Olympic Gold Medals?
Mark Spitz.
Who was the first test tube baby, and when was she born?
Louise Brown, and she was born on July 26, 1978.