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List two Swahili islands off the coast of Kenya.


List two Swahili islands off the coast of Tanzania.


Other than Kenya and Tanzania, what are the other two modern day East African nations that make up the Swahili coast?

Mozambique and Somalia

List six African goods that the Swahili used for trade.

•Perfume gums
•Mangrove logs
•Turtle shells

List six Persian or Arab goods that the Swahili received for their African goods.

•Persian carpets

Fully explain why the Swahili are considered middlemen.

The Swahili are considered middlemen because they were literally in the middle of the land and the ocean, the buyers and the sellers, and the African and Arabian.

What did the Swahili people use to make their houses?


How did the Kiswahili spread to the interior parts of Africa?

The Kiswahili spread to the interior parts of Africa by using trading caravans.

The Swahili people were primarily influenced by Arabs and Africans (Bantu). Parts of their culture came mainly from the Arab side, and other parts of their culture came mainly from the African (or Bantu) side. Next to the word of phrase, write whether it came from the Arab side or the African side.

A) Islam (Arab)
B) Medicine Men (Bantu)
C) Kofia Caps (Arab)
D) Thatched Roof (Bantu)
E) Bui Bui Robes (Arab)
F) Intricately carved doors (Arab)
G) Belief in spirits (Bantu)
H) Verandas (Arab)
I) Mosques (Arab)

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