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Ferrous sulfate

Supplement for microcytic anemia used in iron deficiency, blood loss, or reduced gastric acid; supplement for patients receiving EPO

Vit B12

Supplement used in macrocytic anemia/neurologic damage due to dietary B12 deficiency, GI disease, pancreatic disease or reduced gastric acid; pernicious anemia

Folic acid

Supplement used in macrocytic anemia due to dietary folate deficiency, small bowel disease, competition for absorption, increase requirement, or administration of a drug that blocks folate metabolism


Stimulates erythrocyte formation and is used in microcytic anemia associated w/ chronic renal disease, anemias associated w/ other chronic diseases, or cancer-related anemias; patients receiving cancer chemo or infected w/ HIV

Anion gap acidosis

methanol, uremia, diabetic ketoacidosis, propylene glycol, isoniazid, lactic acidosis, ethylene glycol, salicylates

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