20 terms

1. What two main gases make up the atmosphere and what percentage does each make up?

78% N 21%O
What two main gases make up the atmosphere and what percentage does each make up?
78% N 21%O
What is the lowest layer of Earth's atmosphere, the one directly above the ground called?
What is the source of the energy that drives air movement in the troposphere and influences weather and climate?
Carbon-containing fuels, fossil fuels, formed millions of years ago from the remains of what things?
Formally living things
Explain what a temperature inversion is. Use the term air mass in your explanation.
A warm air mass traps cool air mass on the ground keeping air pollution near the surface.
Acid rain will have what range of pH?
below 7
How can pollutants be removed or changed chemically before they leave factory smokestacks?
a scrubber
Ozone depletion is caused by which chemicals, that were used in refrigerators and aerosol spray cans?
What is the difference between the ozone layer and ground level ozone?
Ozone layer is in the upper atmosphere and protects us form UV radiation. Groundlevel ozone is a the surface and causes respiratory problems
How does the ozone layer benefit living things on Earth?
It reduces the amount of UV radiation
In which main layer of Earth's atmosphere does most weather occur?
What is the boundary between air masses that differ in temperature and moisture called?
A front
What is the source of most air pollution?
Human activities
How does carbon monoxide interfere with your body's ability to deliver oxygen to cells?
CO bonds to the oxygen carrying sites on red blood cells so they cannot carry as much oxygen
What is the main source of pollutants in photochemical smog?
Car emissions and fossil fuels
What are the major provisions of the Clean Air Act?
Limits emissions from cars
Sets standards for air quality
Lets people sue industries that break the rules
Sets aside funds for research
What is a device in a motor vehicle that reduces the amount of air pollutants in emissions?
Catalytic converter
The ozone hole was located primarily above which continent? Explain why.
Antartica's. Cold temperatures lead to a reaction between the ozone and CFC's
Explain what is meant by climate.
Long term temperature and precipitation averages for an area
Ozone is harmful to humans when found in which layer of the atmosphere?