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People migrated

west for many reasons, but NOT because agricultural prices were rising.

National Road

first great federal Transport Project.


liked sea port with river/lakes.

Erie canal

First canal in America, popular hero of 1820-30's was the "self made man"

Andrew Jackson

nickname was "OLD HICKORY"

Jackson's attitude towards Native Americans

they should be removed beyond white settlement.

Nullification Crisis

foreshadowing of Civi war; Sc wanted to nullify federal law within their state.

Lyman Beecher

behind the Temperance Movement (no alcohol).

Charles Finney

Manipulative minister during the 2nd GREAT AWAKENING.

Catherine Beecher

campaigned to make school teaching a woman's occupation.

Dorothea Dix

lobbied for prison and asylum reform.


colony for freed slaves.

Grimke Sisters

abolitionist daughters of South Carolina plantation owner.

Abolitionist daughters of a South Carolina plantation owner.


Lucretia Mott and Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Early women's rights activist.

Missouri coms in as a free state!!


Missouri compromise

outlawed slavery in the Louisiana purchase other than in Missouri-angered the South

Monroe Doctrine

Reflected American attitudes towards the old world: had no affect on Europe!


associated withing the era of good feelings.

South was not economically self sufficient; depended on north capital, manufactured goods and marketings facilities.


Less than 1% of whited in the South were great planters.


Nat turner

let horrific up spring in the 1831.

The God song

told slaves how to escape the North, basically the North star.

Past resistance

Running away, breaking things, and pretending to be sick.

Folk tales

emphasized Running and desire to survive.

Slave sermons

asserted their right to be free.

Underground railroad

ways to the North for fugitive slaves.

Harriet Tubman

most famous conductor on the underground rail road.


wealthy California landowners.

General Santa Anna

Mexican precedent, fought against the Texans.

The Alamo

last stand of some Texans agains the Mexican Army.

Sam Houston

defeats Santa Anna at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Battle of San Jacinto

Gave Texas its independence.

Donner Party

Pioneers who almost didn't make it to California.

Joseph Smith

Founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints (Mormons)

Brigham Young

let Mormons out to Utah

Manifest Destiny

Justification for American expansion.

Zachary Taylor

won the Battle of Buena Vista.

Gadsden Purchase

southern part of AZ and NM for rail road construction.


transformed the American economy more than anything else during the mid 19th century.1800

Irish came to America

because of the potato famine in Ireland.

Popular sovereignty

allowed settles to decide whether or not to allow slavery into their territory/state.

Stephan douglas

wanted to organize territory(kansas Nebraska) to start building a transcontinental RR.

To settle KN

Douglas had to agree to repeal the Missouri Compromise.

Popular sovereignty

did NOT work in KN.


Nothing party- political party based on nativism very anti-immigrant.


grew in # in the 1830'

William Lloyd Garrison-

dedicated Abolitionist, published "the Liberator"


william lLloyd garrison wrote this paper was truly against slavery.

Harriet Beecher Stowe

wrote Uncle Toms Cabin.

"Uncle Toms Cabin

Fiction book, who talked about slavery."exaggerated"

John Brown

Rabid anti-slavery zealot, led raid on Harper's Ferry, murdered slave owners in cold HUNGED

Dred Scott Case

Declared the Missouri Compromise.


Roger Taney was Chief Justice; Court Fist had to decide of Scott was a citizen or not.

Hinton Rowan Helper Helperism

Wrote "The impending crisis of the South" which called for lower class whites to abolish slavery.

Lincoln Election

Pushed south Carolina into Seceding.

Less than 1% of whites in the south were called

"Great Planters".

South Carolina

first state to secede.

Lincoln won due to massive support in the North; Democrats were to divided.


Republican party

Popular due to its position on slavery in the territories, it was a Northern party.

Confederate Capital

was originally at Montgomery, AL.

Confederated government didn't have enough power to rule effectively, it was all given to the States: they did NOT have a strong central government.


Jefferson Davis

President of the Confederate States of America.

Alexander Stephens

Vice Press of CSA.

FT. Sumter, SC

first shots of Civil War were fired, united the North against the South.

Confederate capital moved to Richmond, VA.


Civil war fought over whether or not the Union was divisible.


Anaconda Policy

Winfield Scott's Strategy for defeating the South.

Pres. Davis was not capable of handling the problems on the home front.



Bloodiest one day battle o the Civil War.

Missouri was NOT part of the Confederacy.


Robert E. Lee

The most famous Conferrable General

The Battle of Bull run was a Northern victory


The North did not have familiar terrain to help them during the war.


General McClellan

overly cautious and slow

Emancipation Proclamation

Freed slaves in Confederate controlled areas only.

13th Amendment -

fostered by the heroism of Black Troops; outlawed slavery in the United States.

Lincoln gave Gettysburg Address.



northerners who wanted peace at any price

William Tecumseh Sherman

led the infamous March to the Sea through Georgia.

Appomattox Court House

Where Lee surrendered to Grant.

John Wikes Booth

Succeeded Lincoln as President; impeached but not convicted.

Andrew Johnson

succeeded Lincoln as Precident; Impeached but not convicted.

Black Codes

restricted the freedoms of the Blacks


the Process of rebuilding the South.

Ku klux klan

original goal was to keep blacks from voting.

Gaybriel Prosser

led slave upspring in 1801, was wiped out by hurricane.

Denmark Vesey

Planned slave upspring in SC.

David Walker

wrote about how slaves worldwide should rise up and overthrow their owners.

Lawrenc Kansas

capital of the Free state faction.

Henry Clay

Brains behind the Compromise of 1850.

Comp of 1850

abolished slave trade in DC.

Abolitionists Enterprise

Really prompted the South to start closing down.

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