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5 times sit to stand: ICF, cut offs?
ICF: activity
cut off for fall: 12 sec (healthy), chronic CVA 15sec
ABC Scale, ICF, cut offs, correlates with what other measure?
ICF: activity
cut off <67% high fall risk, <50% low level fxn, correlates with DGI
Berg: ICF, MDC for acute/chronic, cut offs?
ICF: activity
MDC: acute: 6 chronic 7
cut offs: </=45 is high fall risk
Ashworth scale: ICF, measures what?
ICF: body structure, measures spasticity
6 minute walk test, ICF, MDC, normative data?
ICF: activity
MDC: 36m (other reported 29m)
norms: 550m- 400 m (60-80yo)
9 hole peg test: ICF, best for what populations?, scores correlate with what measure of assistance, cut offs, is this the best measure for hand function?
ICF: activity
best for acute populations (not predictive >6mo)
MDC: .07 (physical assist), .18 (AD), .36 (no assist)
-cut off 18seconds for healthy
-motoricity index is more sensative
ARAT, ICF, MCID, normative data for 1mo, 3mo, 6mo?
ICF: body function/activity
MCID: 5.7
norm 1mo: 26, 3mo:39, 6mo: 41
Assessment of Life Habits: ICF, discriminates b/w which populations, MDC,
ICF: participation
disciminates b/w community, nsg home, long term care
MDC: 0.5
ICF: activity
MDC: 4pts (chronic 2.6)
Euro QOL EQ 5D: ICF, measures what?
ICF: body structure, participation, measures mobility, self care, pain, depression, ADLs
Functional Ambulatory Category: ICF, what populations (category of test?), Cut offs?
ICF: activity
5 functional ambulatory categories (0 -dep, 1-max 2-mod/minA, 3-SBA, 2-SBA uneven, 1 indep)
cut off: >4 good sensitivity for community ambulator at 6months
FIM: what are the scores, what do admission FIM and cog scores predict?
scores: 18-126
admission FIM +cog are best predictor of dc home
admission <36 - not home
admission >96 home
admission 80 high probability of home dc
Fugl Meyer: ICF, MDC (UE, LE, balance), admission score at 6 wks predicts what? max score?
ICF: body structure
MDC: UE(5.2), LE(5), balance (4)
admission score at 6wks predicts FIM dc mobility/locomotion
-max score 226 (no impairment)
Functional Reach Test: ICF, MDC, cut offs, normative data (acute/chronic)?
ICF: activity
MDC: 2-3cm
cut off for fall risk: <15cm
normative data: acute stroke 16cm chronic stroke 28cm
Motor Activity Log: ICF, best for which populations? higher score indicates?
ICF: activity, participation
best for chronic stroke (community dwellers)
assess paretic arm use (higher score =less disability)
Modified Rankin Scale: ICF, best for measuring what? limitations?
ICF: activity, measures ADL's
best for acute stroke
poor at detecting change compared to FIM/BI
Motoricity Index: ICF, best for what populations?, MDC, scores at 6 wks predicts what?
ICF: body structure
best for acute stroke
-Low MI and trunk score at 6 wks predicts walking at 18wks
-good predictor of outcomes at 6 months
NIHSS: ICF, scores to indicate mild, mod, severe and very severe stroke?
ICF: body structure
>25 - very severe
15-24 - severe require long term care
5-14 - moderate require acute IRF
1-5 - mild typically dc home
Orpington Prognositc Scale: ICF, scores to indicate severity and dc home, long term care, predicts what at 48hrs post stroke?
ICF: body structure
< 3.2 - mild; d/c home in 2 wks
3.2-5.2 - moderate-severe; best for rehab
>5.2 very severe; indicates long term care
48hrs post stroke predicts LOS, dc destination and outcomes at 6months
PASS: ICF; measures what? best for which populations? correlated with what other measures? ceiling/floor effects? how does it compared to Trunk Impairment Scale?
ICF: activity (measures ADL, bed mobility sitting/standing balance)
best for acute stroke (>90 days ceiling effects)
no floor effects early on
correlated with Barthel Index and FIM
helps predict ADL fxn @ 6months
RIvermead Motor Assessment: ICF, MDC, best populations for use? normative data, max score indicates?
ICF: activity
MDC: 2.2
best for use in chronic stroke with gross leg/trunk/arm impairments
normative data: admission: 3-5; discharge 9-9.75
max score of 15 indicates no disability
Sickness Impact Profile: ICF, best for what population, norms for poor healthy, to dependent for ADLs?
ICF: activity, participation
best for community dwelling stroke patients
>25 cant live indep
>28 poor healthy
>40 dependent for ADL's
Stroke Impact scale: ICF: best population for use?MCID for strength/ADL/mobility/hand fxn? comparison to other measures of QOL?
-ICF: activity, participation
-best for use in community (outpatient only)
-MDC: strength: 9.2; ADL: 5.9; Mobility: 4.5; Hand fxn: 17.8
-more responsive than stroke QOL
STREAM Limb (UE/LE), ICF, scores (%) for % of going home? best for which populations? MDIC for UE/LE
ICF: body structure, activity
best for acute inpatient populations
<63% score had a 0% chance of going home
61-95% score had a 55% chance of going home
95-100% score had a 86% chance of going home
MDIC: UE - 2.2 LE 1.9
STREAM Mobility: ICF, MDIC, better than what other measures?
ICF: body function, activity
MDIC: mobility - 4.8
better at detecting change than gait speed in severely affected
Modified Tardieu Scale: ICF, better reliability than what other measures, what does it measure?
ICF: body structure
better reliability than MAS
measures muscles response to stretch at various velocities
Trunk Impairment Scale: ICF, prediction abilities, higher scores indicate? best for what populations
ICF: activity
predicts Barthel Index at 6 months
TIS & PASS predict DC FIM scores and placement
no ceiling effects
0-23; higher scores are better
not validated in acute, better for subacute/community
Timed Up and Go, ICF, fall cut offs?
ICF: activity
fall cut of >14sec (predicts fallers 6-12monts post d/c)
Wolf Motor Function Test: ICF, MCID for fxnal ability/time, comparison to ARAT? normative data for time?
ICF: activity
MCID: fxnal ability 1pt; time:19sec on dominate side
Normative data: pretest 55sec postest 45sec
highly correlated with ARAT, but ARAT is quicker
10 MWT, ICF, MCID normative data?
ICF: activity
MCID: 0.06m/s - 0.14m/s
<.4m/s household ambulators
0.4-0.8m/s limited community ambulator
>0.8m/s were community ambulator
TInetti POMA, ICF, fall cut off? best for which populations
ICF: activity
fall cut off <20
best for older adults/chronic stroke
Barthel Index: ICF, MDC (acute/chronic), cut offs for favorable outcomes?
ICF: activity (measures ability to perform ADL's)
MDC for acute: 1.85 for chronic 4.02
cut off with favorable outcome >70-90