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West Bank/Gaza Strip

When was the Yom Kippur war?
When was the other short war and how many died?
2006 and 1200 killed
How many civilians have been killed in the conflict
How many dead civilians have been palestinian?
How much higher is the infant mortality rate in Gaza?
twice the rate of Israel
How much of the west bank does Israel control and how much population does it have?
60% of all the land and only 4% of the population
Gaza GNI per person?
Israel GNI per person?
2 statistics about the security wall?
750km long and 3.5m high
How many refugees due to the conflict?
Unemployment rate in Gaza?
How often is the Karni crossing closed?
47% of the year
How much does closing the Karni crossing cost?
$600,000 a day
How many tons of aggregate smuggled in?
90,000 tons 10x official amount
How many homes destroyed by rocket attacks in Israel?
How many vehicles destroyed by rockets in Israel?